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Welcome to the Seattle Ethics & Elections Commission 2000 Election Home Page.

If you are looking for information on the City of Seattle's:

  • Proposition 1 - The Seattle Parks Levy, or
  • Proposition 2 - Initiative 53 - The Monorail Initiative

Then you are in the best place to find Voter Guide and Campaign Finance information. If you are interested in other elections then check out one of the following links:

This site has numerous sections, each accessible using the top menu bar. You're in the Home section now, where you will find general tips on using this site for research. Click on Instructions, Notes or Links on the left side of this page to see these tips.

To switch to another section simply click on the appropriate menu option above. A brief description of some of the sections follows:


In the Filings section you will find replicas of all of the disclosure reports filed by Seattle campaigns for the 2000 election cycle. Campaigns are required to periodically file reports disclosing information about their contributions and expenditures.

The Registration Statement (C1) reports basic information about the campaign, their mailing address, who their officers are, where their bank account is maintained and more. Campaigns must file a C1 at the beginning of the campaign, and each time the relevant information changes, such as when they change addresses.

The Report of Bank Deposit (C3) provides detailed information about contributions and other receipts deposited into a campaign's bank account. This report is filled out each time the campaign makes a deposit.

The Summary Report (C4) provides summarized information about the financial condition of the campaign. It also provides detailed information on expenditures, in-kind contributions, pledges and debts. This report is filled out at the end of each reporting period covering all activity during that period. It is usually filed once a month, but also 21 days before an election and 7 days before an election.


This section of the site provides basic information about each campaign, what office or ballot issue they are contesting, their mailing address, etc... It also contains links to other sections of the site that contain detailed information about a specific campaign you might be interested in.

Total Contributions

Graphs and tables showing total contributions to all city campaigns.

Total Expenditures

Graphs and tables showing total expenditures of all city campaigns.

Lists & Databases

A database of all contributors to 2000 Seattle campaigns. This database does not contain the street address and zip code of the contributors, but it does show their name, amount contributed, city, state, employer and occupation.

This section may not always be as up to date as other sections of the site. We make efforts to 'dedupe' this list so that if a contributor makes two or more contributions on different dates to the same campaign they will only appear here once. This takes a little time, especially as the volume of contributions picks up over the summer and fall.

Historical Comparisons

A look back at average contribution sizes and total contributions raised for past Seattle campaigns, with 2000 cycle-to-date figures for comparison.



If you have any comments or suggestions regarding this site please contact Bob DeWeese. We really depend on your suggestions for ways to make disclosure data more accessible and understandable. Please contact us.

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