Electric Vehicles

Powering a new generation of clean cars with carbon neutral electricity.

Seattle has been working on being EV ready since 2009. We have been collaborating with Puget Sound local governments, businesses, non-profits, and electric vehicle enthusiasts, to create a robust regional charging infrastructure for EVs.

Promoting electric vehicles is an important part of the City's efforts to reduce greenhouse gases from cars and trucks on Seattle's roads, which make up 40 percent of our city-wide footprint and are the single largest source of emissions. To reduce our transportation footprint, the City is pursuing a two-part strategy. The first part focuses on increasing transportation choices so that residents and businesses can walk, bike, or take transit. The second part focuses on improving vehicle efficiency so that the remaining cars and trucks on Seattle roads have a smaller greenhouse gas impact. 

Plug-in electric vehicles are an exciting step forward in efficiency, especially here in Seattle where the vehicles will be powered by the clean energy of Seattle City Light . In fact, if the average Seattleite switched to an electric car, it would eliminate more than four tons of greenhouse gas emissions every year. Read the FAQ or visit some of the other pages below.

Getting Seattle Plug-In Ready

Plug-in Electric Vehicle (EV) technology is a promising new opportunity to reduce Seattle's transportation emissions. The City has been working to ensure that Seattle is "plug-in ready." The Plug-in Ready Team has worked to:

  • Streamline the permitting process and provide consumer information for installing home and commercial charging stations.
  • Identify code changes for new construction to make it easier to install charging stations.
  • Simplify the process for establishing charging stations in the public right-of-way.
  • Install charging stations on City property for city fleets and public charging.
  • Coordinate with surrounding cities and King County to develop a regional EV infrastructure strategy.
  • Explore market demand for plug-in vehicles, and the infrastructure needs for likely EV purchasers.
  • Provide education on the benefits of electric vehicles.      


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