Access to healthy, affordable food is vital for a sustainable community.

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Seattle has made a healthy, local, sustainable food system a priority. A strong local food system improves health, promotes equity, and strengthens our economy. The City of Seattle's vision for a healthy food system is guided by the Food Action Plan. While multiple City departments are engaged in reaching the goals in the Plan, the Office of Sustainability and Environment is the lead department coordinating this work.

NEW: 2015 Progress Report on the Food Action Plan

The Food Action Plan outlines four goals for achieving a healthy food system in Seattle: 

1. Healthy Food For All
2. Grow Local
3. Strengthen the Local Economy
4. Prevent Food Waste


Key Initiatives

Fresh Bucks doubles the value of SNAP benefits redemeed at Seattle Farmers Markets, up to $10 per day.
Seattle's vision for a healthy food system is guided by the Food Action Plan. Nearly all of the City's food initiatives originate from this Plan.

Moving the Needle food overview

Below is a summary of the Food strategies, goals and progress to date from the City's environmental progress report, Moving the Needle. Visit the Moving the Needle page for more information, download the full report, or check out the report's Food section for infographics and more.

Seattle is committed to increasing healthy food access while continuing to protect our farm lands and grow our local food economy for all. Our strategies include:

  1. Healthy Food for All

    Seattle residents should have enough to eat and access to affordable, local, healthy, sustainable, culturally appropriate food.

  2. Local Food Production

    It should be easy to grow food in Seattle for personal use or business purposes.

  3. Strong Food Economy

    Businesses that produce, process, distribute, and sell local and healthy food should grow and thrive in Seattle.

Healthy Food Access Increase healthy food access 45% increase in Seattle early learning centers purchasing healthy food from local farmers More than 70% increase in Fresh Bucks use at farmers markets between 2012 and 2013
Local Food Production Increase urban food production 104% increase in publicly accessible land for growing food from 1990 to 2013. A 33% increase in P-Patch gardeners from between 2010 and 2013
Strong Food Economy Increase local food consumption $1 million increase in farmers market sales between 2010 & 2012