Transportation Electrification

The climate crisis is upon us. From sweltering heatwaves and wildfires that choke our air, to rising seas and extreme floods washing out roads, every day we are feeling the impacts of climate change. Our transportation system, powered by fossil fuels, is responsible for sixty percent of Seattle's climate pollution. This is unsustainable. It is also profoundly immoral to continue along the path of maintaining our "transportation status quo" when we have the means to embrace a cleaner, healthier modes and technology. We must act now, both for ourselves and future generations. 

To achieve our goal of a decarbonized transportation system, we have released a Transportation Electrification Blueprint. This blueprint is a series of initial steps Seattle is committed to reducing our climate pollution in the transportation sector. Seattle has established ambitious, yet achievable, 2030 goals will accelerate market transformation and make it possible for Seattle to achieve a clean energy future. 

Additional Resources

Advancing Equity in Transportation Electrification
2018 Seattle EV Outreach Report with ECOSS and Forth
2019 Drive Clean Seattle Equity Outreach Report from ECOSS

Workforce Development
2018 EV Jobs Report - Connecting Disadvantaged Communities to Quality Jobs in the TE Sector
2020 EV Manufacturing and Supply Chain Jobs - Amping Up Electric Vehicle Manufacturing in the Pacific NW

Shared Mobility Electrification
EV Charging Roadmap For Shared Mobility
Shared Mobility Playbook 

Electric Utility Leadership
SCL Rocky Mountain Institute TE Strategy
SCL Transportation Electrification Strategic Investment Plan (approved by Council Oct 2020)

Additional City Planning & Implementation Documents
Green Fleet Action Plan (2019)
Drive Clean Seattle Implementation Strategy (2017)
Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Systemwide Assessment (2020)
City Charging Infrastructure Needs to Reach Electric Vehicle Goals: The Case of Seattle (2021, The International Council on Clean Transportation)