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Accelerator Achieves Goal of 100+ Building Tune-Ups!

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Thank you to the owners and managers of the 102 mid-size buildings that completed the Building Tune-Up Accelerator Program that ended in 2019! These buildings all had an early tune-up that met the Building Tune-Ups requirements a couple years before their compliance deadline. OSE is currently finalizing a report to US Department of Energy about the program and the projected energy savings. We will make the report available here in spring or early summer 2020.

Webinar: Accelerating Existing Building Tune-Ups in Seattle, Washington (Held 3/26/20)

In this webinar, held on 3/26/20, Nicole Ballinger, Seattle's Building Tune-up Accelerator Program Manager described the tune-up program, benefits, and best practices discovered through the pilot process. Nora Wang of Pacific Northwest National Lab described the use of the DOE Asset Score tool in building assessments.  

Tune-Up Accelerator Training

Program Highlights:

  • 102 mid-size buildings (approx. 100K SF or smaller) or 6.9 million square feet of total space tuned-up
  • 85 local service providers attended TUA Tune-Up Specialist trainings
  • While all buildings completed the required Tune-Up measures, 59% indicated that at least one voluntary action was being implemented or planned
  • About 20 buildings completed or are planning a project that will get additional City Light incentives, such as an LED upgrade
  • Five building owners worked with the UW IDL to create "Building Renewal" strategic energy management plans
  • Most common required tune-up measure: adjusting HVAC schedules
  • Most common voluntary tune-up measure: updating inefficient lighting
  • Average cost per tune-up: $0.21 per SF (before City Light incentive)
  • An evaluation completed in 10 buildings found that corrected tune-up measures with few exceptions were still working as intended, showing that tune-up improvements persist.
  • The Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) awarded the Program with its 2019 Leadership in Energy Efficiency Award for Innovation

If you are interested in learning more about the Tune-Up Accelerator, contact Nicole Ballinger at

Tune-Up Accelerator Case Studies

Tune-Up Accelerator Program - Archive Documentation

(NOTE: This program is closed and not accepting applications. Documents below are for reference only.)