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Understanding Benchmarking Scores: EUI and ENERGY STAR

What is an EUI?Benchmarking a building in Portfolio Manager results in two important metrics that tell you a lot about your building's energy use:  Energy Use Intensity or EUI (energy use per square foot annually) and the ENERGY STAR score

EUI is a building's total annual energy use(electricity, natural gas & steam) divided by its gross floor area. It is measured in kBtu/sf. Since EUI normalizes for size, the energy use of similar building types can be compared. Higher EUIs show greater energy use, whereas lower EUIs indicate more energy efficient buildings.

The Portfolio Manager ENERGY STAR score is available for 21 building types, such as offices, hotels, retail, and multifamily housing. It compares a building's energy use to other U.S. buildings on a scale of 1 (least efficient) to 100 (most efficient). A 50 represents the national median and buildings with 75 or better may be eligible to earn ENERGY STAR certification. The ENERGY STAR score adjusts for operations, such as number of workers, operating hours, bedrooms, and other factors depending on building type.

See how your building stacks up!

To help Seattle owners compare their building's energy use to their peers locally, energy performance ranges based on EUI for common building types in Seattle have been established. 

If you know the building's EUI and/or ENERGY STAR score, either by benchmarking or from a disclosure request, use energy performance table below or the new Energy Benchmarking Dashboard to compare the building's energy performance to others.

Share your results

If you'd like to share a report on your building's energy performance with others, such as tenants or buyers, learn how to Create a Statement of Energy Performance from Portfolio Manager.