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ENERGY STAR Scores and Energy Use Intensity (EUI)

The 2011/2012 energy benchmarking report released by the Seattle Office of Sustainability and Environment revealed that Seattle building owners are poised to save tens of millions of dollars on energy annually by improving their building's energy efficiency. Read the news on our blog.

To help Seattle owners compare their building's energy use to their peers, energy performance ranges based on EUI (energy use per square foot annually) for 13 different building types based on their 2012 reported energy use were established.

See how your building stacks up!

First, benchmark to find out the building's energy use per square foot (EUI) and/and or ENERGY STAR score. Then use the infographic and energy performance tables to compare.

INFOGRAPHIC: Solving Seattle's Energy Puzzle

See how your building stacks up to others in Seattle!

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Seattle 2012 Report Infographic  
2011/2012 Seattle Building Energy Benchmarking Analysis Report

Read the full report and executive summary. 

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2011/2012 Seattle Building Energy Benchmarking Analysis
Energy Performance Ranges for Seattle Buildings

If you know your building's energy use intensity (EUI) or ENERGY STAR score, use this table to see how it compares to similar buildings in Seattle.

EBR Seattle 2012  
Find Out Your Building's EUI and/or ENERGY STAR Score

First benchmark your building with Portfolio Manager following the How to Comply steps. Then create a Statement of Energy Performance.

Create a Statement of Energy Performance