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Contact OSE Team Members By Work Area

Climate Protection

Tracy Morgenstern, Policy Advisor

Valerie Pacino, Climate Protection Planning Specialist

Green Building & Resource Conservation

Sandra Mallory, Program Manager

Wes Hoppler, Resource Conservation Advisor

Dulcey Simpkins, Residential Energy Advisor

Christie Baumel, Policy Advisor

Rebecca Baker, Energy Benchmarking Program Manager

Nicole Ballinger, Energy Benchmarking Outreach Advisor

Angie Bartlett, Energy Benchmarking Program Coordinator

Environmental Sustainability Programs & Communication Coordination

Michelle Caulfield, Environmental Sustainability Program Manager

Sandra Pinto de Bader, Environmental Sustainability Policy Advisor (urban forest management and electric vehicles)

Sharon Lerman, Food Policy Advisor

Sara Wysocki, Communications Advisor

Pam Emerson, Green Stormwater Infrastructure Policy Advisor


Community Power Works

Dulcey Simpkins, Home Energy Advisor