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Disaster ready...prepared people, resilient community
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The Monthly Connection
January 2011

Disaster ready...prepared people,
resilient community

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Greetings and Happy New Year Friends in Preparedness:

On January 3, 2011, we sent out a survey seeking your thoughts on the usefulness of the Monthly Connection e-mail, Quarterly Newsletter and SNAP Announcements and Advisories.

Heres a summary of what you told us: (98 respondents, a 7% return)

95% remember receiving the Monthly Connection e-mails throughout the year.

53% share or forward the information with others with friends, family, neighbors, co-workers and other community connections like websites, e-bulletins and printing and posting in lobbies and break rooms.

Most helpful features or want more of: (based on 94 of 98 responses)
1. Current news and updates
2. Tip of the Month
3. Calendar announcement

Comments: Enjoy the info on upcoming classes. Info on low-cost training events. Varies from month to month, but I usually find an ah-ha idea.

Least helpful features or want less of: (based on 34 of 98 responses)
1. Reader tips, stories, comments
2. Embedded links to related organizations, contacts
3. Calendar announcements and future events (tied)

Comments: Its all good. Hmmmm I like them all. I want it all. More even! All were helpful. All good stuff! None.

75% say the feature-oriented, single-focus Quarterly Newsletters are useful keep it up.

58% forwarded SNAP Announcements and Advisories to others.
42% either didnt remember getting them or chose not to forward the information.

Comments: But I will in 2011. Summer heat precautions were posted and used by our staff. The heat one was good. Just informed people in my building about storm drains. January we sent the afternoon commute warning because of snow to all the families at our school. Much appreciated.

Other general comments:
Simple how-to-do-it handouts, nicely formatted as a .pdf or .doc would be helpful.
(Note: many topic-specific materials are available on the OEM website will include links in future.)
Please provide more on-site training for non-profit organizations and residents if requested. Thanks.
(Note: OEM provides instructors for groups of 20 or more year-round and skills training twice a year. On-site skills classes can be arranged through a fee-based instructor. Contact OEM for further info.)

In a nutshell, well make every effort to keep preparedness simple, easy, timely, accessible and adaptable. We like hearing from you too, so feel free to drop a line anytime. Stay tuned for the February 2011 issue, posting soon.

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