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Seattle Neighborhoods Actively Prepare (SNAP) Neighborhood Registration

The purpose of this web page is to register your neighborhood as a SNAP neighborhood. This is part of the recommended communications plan that begins with the first meeting. Choose a Neighborhood Coordinator and a Point of Contact for your neighborhood and complete the contact information requested below for each. These two people will be on our e-mail distribution list for receiving newsletters, program updates and class announcements. It will be the responsibility of the Coordinator and Point of Contact to redistribute the information to the SNAP neighbors. This is the primary mode of communication between the SNAP neighborhood groups and the Seattle Office of Emergency Management (OEM).

The information gathered below will also help the Seattle OEM track the locations of SNAP neighborhoods throughout the City.

If you prefer to use US Mail, please download the SNAP Meeting Sign-In Sheet, complete the information on the form and mail it to: Seattle Office of Emergency Management, Attention SNAP Program, 105 5th Ave South, Seattle, WA  98104.

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First Meeting Date:
Zip Code: *
# of Households in your SNAP Group *
Neighborhood Response Site: *
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Neighborhood Coordinator
First Name*   
Last Name*   
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Neighborhood Point-of-Contact
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Check all categories that apply when describing your SNAP neighborhood:

High-rise building Single family residential Apartment/Condo Senior Housing
Business Church Community Center SHA

Information Sharing for Neighborhood Coordinators

Occasionally, our office receives requests from SNAP neighborhood coordinators wanting to know if there are other neighborhood coordinators their area. We will only share your contact information with other neighborhood coordinators in your area if you give us permission.

We value your privacy. Please note that we do coordinate with other departments and advisory councils within the City on programs and events that help promote community involvement and preparedness. Occasionally, you may receive e-mails and/or postal mail from us announcing these programs and events.

Neighborhood Communications Plan:
To complete your neighborhood communications plan, collect contact information from your neighbors and friends who have agreed to be part of your SNAP neighborhood. The SNAP Meeting Sign-In Sheet can be used to help gather contact information for your group. Have each neighbor complete the contact information on the form and create your own distribution list for your neighborhood. Arrange for neighbors who don’t have internet to receive copies of the information. This can be done by “buddying up” a neighbor who has a computer with someone who doesn’t.

How the plan works: Class announcements and other information will come from Seattle OEM to the Neighborhood Coordinator and the Point of Contact, who will then use their neighborhood communications plan to distribute the information to their group.

Test your communications plan.
Send out a test message to be sure that you have copied the e-mail addresses correctly. Once you have tested your communications plan and made any necessary changes, you are ready to use it to for sending out your next meeting announcement and forwarding future OEM updates!

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