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Regional Catastrophic Preparedness Grant Program

In response to direction by Congress to develop "all-hazard regional catastrophic event plans and preparedness," in 2008 FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security established the Regional Catastrophic Preparedness Grant Program (RCPGP), and released grants to the ten largest urban areas in the country. To implement this Program, grant funded staff are working with partners in the region to develop plans and processes to support catastrophic disaster planning, and are housed at the Seattle Office of Emergency Management.

The Puget Sound RCPGP will enhance regional catastrophic preparedness through planning for catastrophic events associated with earthquake, bioterrorism, and severe winter storms and flooding. As a region, planners will work to:

  • Fix shortcomings in existing plans;
  • Build regional planning processes and planning communities;
  • Link operational and capabilities-based planning to resource allocation.

To accomplish these tasks, a collection of local, state, federal and tribal government agencies, private sector partners, subject matter experts and others within the Puget Sound region must work collaboratively and innovatively.

As the name of the grant implies, the main principle of this planning grant is that the scenarios being planned for are catastrophic in nature: truly debilitating disaster events. Given this, the assumption is that local and state resources will be overwhelmed and that outside assistance via Emergency Management Assistance Compacts and the Federal government will be both necessary and critical.

Regional planners at the Local, State and Federal levels, alongside Private Sector and Associated Response Communities, will work together to develop integrated plans to coordinate, respond to and recover from catastrophic events.

The third phase of these grants focuses on training personnel so they can implement these plans during a catastrophe.  Plans will also be evaluated through exercises that will test concepts developed in these various plans.

The RCPGP Executive Summary is available at the following link:  Puget Sound RCPGP Executive Summary & Project Details.

The Regional Catastrophic Program Manager can be reached at:

The Regional Planner can be reached at:

Documents are located here.


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