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The Seattle area is likely to experience a moderate to major disaster in the near future. While it is difficult to predict when disasters will happen, the consequences of disasters are predictable. Efforts to prepare yourself, your family, your workplace and your neighborhood will go a long way in improving the response and recovery of our community.

The City of Seattle has a comprehensive Disaster Readiness and Response Plan: Seattle Disaster Readiness and Response Plan (PDF)

This plan allows the City to coordinate resources to assist the needs of the community as quickly and efficiently as possible. However, the nature of disaster itself means there will not be enough resources to help everyone who needs help.

Thats why disaster preparedness is considered a partnership between the City of Seattle and its citizens. Preparing in advance and organizing to take care of each other will help the City utilize its resources to help the most people as soon as possible. In this section, youll find information to help you prepare at home, work, and within your neighborhood and community. Challenge your neighbors, friends, schools, and family to prepare with you. Take action now. The better you are prepared, the less you are scared.

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Green River Flooding

Skills Training Available
Enhance your ability to personally respond during disasters - sign up for skills training! Three classes are pending for Spring, 2010. More info coming soon.

Get Ready for Winter!
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Don't wait until the forecast calls for a storm. A little time and effort before the storm season hits goes a long way in minimizing the damage and impacts of severe weather. State Farm and City of Seattle are teaming up to provide you with good information on winter weather preparedness.

Get Winter Ready:

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Earthquake Protect Your Home!

Learn about the steps it takes to retrofit your home for an earthquake, especially if your house was built before 1980.

During an emergency, go to for the latest information.

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