Seattle Early Education Collaborative

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The Seattle Early Education Collaborative (SEEC) is a group of agencies and individuals working  together to create a shared vision for early learning to achieve greater gains for children. Partners include our Step Ahead program, Head Start grantees, and the Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program (ECEAP).

SEEC offers joint trainings, collaborates on setting program standards, develops guidelines, conducts assessments, and maintains enrollment and waiting lists. 

SEEC members also work together with Seattle Public Schools, League of Education Voters, and Berk & Associates as part of a Seattle PreK-3rd Partnership. The partnership connects early learning providers with the elementary schools to coordinate their curricula, instructional approaches, expectations for students, assessments, and the use of student data. Read the partnership's Five-Year Action Plan: 2010-2015.

Upcoming Training Opportunities:

2015-16 Calendar of Events (pdf)

March 3, 2016  SEEC Winter Institute

March 17-18  CLASS Pre-K

March 21-25  HighScope ToT, Cohort 2

March 26  HighScope FCC, Cohorts 1 and 2, Units 25-26

March 28 - April 1  HighScope PCC, Cohort 5

Past Training Opportunities:

Save the Date--September 9*-11--Annual SEEC Pre-Service Training (9th open to SPP Providers only)

May 15, 2015-Exploring High Scope: Who, What, When & Why

February 27, 2015--Early Learning Academy Winter Institute--Maximizing the Learning Environment: Creating a Space to Support the Needs of Every Child

Updates & Reports:

Seattle Community Needs Assessment 2014