Preschool Curriculum Course

HighScope Course Content

The HighScope Preschool Curriculum Course consists of 20 days (120 contact hours) of training workshops and seminars distributed over 4 week-long courses. One or two topics are addressed each day. Some topics require 2 or more sessions. Participants are expected to prepare themselves for each topic by studying the relevant materials and completing the assignments.

Following are the course titles and a summary of their content:

Course TE511 (Week 1) - Fundamentals of the HighScope Preschool Approach

  • Course overview
  • A model of active learning
  • Cognitive processes: thinking and reasoning in children
  • Principles of effective learning environments
  • Fundamentals of adult-child interaction
  • Methodology of observation and anecdotal record keeping

  Course TE512 (Week 2) - Children in the HighScope Preschool Learning Environment

  • Fundamentals of the HighScope Daily Routine
  • Basic principles of Plan-Do-Review
  • Basic principles of small-group time
  • Basic principles of large-group time
  • Program assessment: The HighScope Program Quality Assessment (PQA)

Course TE513 (Week 3) - Adults' Responsibilities in the HighScope Preschool Learning Environment, Part 1

  • Framework of the HighScope Key Developmental Indicators in early childhood development
  • Strategies for supporting children: encouragement versus praise
  • Program management: problem-solving approach to conflict

Course TE514 (Week 4) - Adults' Responsibilities in the HighScope Preschool Learning Environment, Part 2

  • Developmental principles in movement and music
  • Child assessment: The HighScope Child Observation Record (COR)
  • Principles and practices of daily team planning
  • Fundamentals of working with parents

Outcomes and Benefits

  • The training program provides comprehensive coverage of the five major topics in the HighScope Wheel of Learning: Active Learning, Adult-Child Interaction, Learning Environment, Daily Routine, and Assessment.
  • The training program offers active participation and study for participantsto engage them in the learning process and help them become more effective teachers.
  • Those who complete the program are qualified to implement the HighScope educational approach in their programs and assess its enhancement of children's development. They receive certificates of participation and are encouraged to apply for HighScope teacher certification through the International HighScope Registry.
  • Those who complete the 20 days (120 hours) of training and all of the study assignments receive a transcript for 12 Continuing Education Units (CEUs).
  • Preschool Curriculum Course (PCC) teachers who want to move into supervisory and training roles at their agencies could enroll in the HighScope Trainer of Trainers Program (ToT)to qualify them to provide training to others on staff.

The PCC plus the ToT combines training in the educational model with the development of skills to train adults. Participants who meet the requirements for both curriculum knowledge and adult-training skills become HighScope certified trainers with an endorsement in preschool.

If you would like to learn more about the Preschool Curriculum Course, please contact Sonja Griffin at 206-684-8835,