School District Health Services

Additional Health Services

We invest with Seattle Public Schools to provide additional health services that support academic success.

School nurses use a standardized screening tool to identify students potentially at academic risk due to health concerns. School nursing staff then provide appropriate interventions, advocacy, and referrals based on the screening results.

In addition, school nursing staff work with parents and students to ensure compliance with immunization requirements.

Family Support Program

We invest with Seattle Public Schools to provide Family Support Workers in elementary schools with significant numbers of low-performing students. The goal of the program is to improve growth in reading and increase attendance of students on the caseloads of the Family Support Workers by helping families overcome the social, emotional, and physical barriers that hinder student academic progress.

The Family Support Program provides support to students and families that is tailored to their particular needs.

Services include:

  • Case Management Support that includes a multi-tiered system of support for students with multiple risk factors.
  • School and Family Connections that provide ongoing support and sustained follow-up between teachers, students, and families to ensure that learning goals are met and families are engaged in their children's education.
  • Mental and Physical Health Referral Services that include a system for connecting students and families to appropriate health and / or mental health services.

Focus Students

  • Students not meeting typical growth on Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) reading
  • Students below standard on Measurements of Student Progress (MSP) reading
  • Students absent more than 10 days