Nurse Family Partnership for First-Time, Low-Income Mothers

The Nurse Family Partnership administered by Public Health - Seattle & King County promotes healthy child development by providing public health nursing services to low-income women who are pregnant for the first time. Eighty-five percent of the mothers served are from minority communities who don't have good access to health care. They are enrolled prior to 28 weeks of pregnancy and are followed until the children are two years old.

Services include in-home nurse visits; health assessments of the mother and infant; health education; child development evaluation; and referrals to prenatal care, health insurance, housing, child care, public assistance, school, work training and other services. Nurse Family Partnership services have proven to be effective in improving birth and infant health outcomes, increasing young mothers' engagement in school or work, and decreasing incidents of child abuse and neglect.

The City of Seattle has funded Public Health - Seattle & King County for Nurse Family Partnership since 2002.

To be screened for eligibility and apply for assistance, call (206) 477-0018 or (206) 477-8256.

For general information on the City/County contract, call Sid Sidorowicz, (206) 615-0463.

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