Food Businesses


Seattle is a hotbed of exciting and successful restaurants and food businesses. This guide makes it easier to navigate through the rules and requirements you'll face as you start or grow your own food business in the welcoming, thriving city we call home!

Below we have included some of the most popular entry points into the food industry, ranging from capital intensive options like restaurants and mobile food businesses to less capital intensive options like catering and participating in farmers markets and temporary events.

This guide is a general overview of what to expect - but every food business is unique, so your situation may result in different timeframes, costs, and specific requirements. Our FAQ page may also help answer some of your questions as you navigate through the different steps.

Mobile Food Businesses

Taqueria El Rincon

Food trucks and other mobile options are a popular way to get started or expand operations in the food industry. Learn about the unique requirements for these businesses.

Business Planning

Kaffa Coffee, Seattle

Incomplete planning is a leading cause of new business failure. A thorough business plan will help make your business concept a reality. These resources will help you plan.

Choose a Location

Tractor Coffee, Seattle

Finding the right kind of space and location for your restaurant is key to your success. Here's what you need to know before you sign a lease.

Get Licensed

Loretta's Northwesterner, Seattle

Know what to expect (including costs and estimated timelines) when registering and applying for licenses for your business.