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Download Past Award Winners (1984 - 2005)
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Small Business Award Nomination Form

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2006 Winner Profiles Press Release
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2006 Mayor's Small Business Awards

Congratulations to the 10 small business winners of the 2006 Mayors Small Business Awards presented by Wells Fargo!

"Being nominated for the 2001 Mayor's Small Business Award was exciting, but winning was thrilling. Our customers were impressed, our suppliers took notice, and our employees were proud. It still provides motivation for Western Foil Corporation to excel. Personally, it was a chance for me to remember and express the history of the company, the challenges, the achievements, the contributions, and especially the people who made and still make it all work."

Tom Weingarten
Western Foil Corporation

Bob Bagga, Chris Haddawy, Raj Kapoor, Owners
1100 Olive Way, Suite 1720, Seattle WA 98101

BizXchange is a business-to-business trade exchange that allows members to buy and sell products and services without using cash. With an original membership of 100 in 2002, there are now approximately 1,100 members trading over $2.6 million in goods and services each month. Driven by their company core values to “do the right thing, be creative and innovative, exceed expectations and have fun,” the company strives to serve, improve and grow its members’ businesses and make a difference in its community. BizXchange places high value on recruiting and promoting staff from within the organization, and takes time to foster a culture of fun and interaction among employees.

Gracewinds Perinatal Services, Inc.
Christine C. Wallace, Owner
1415 NW 70th Street, Seattle WA 98117

Gracewinds Perinatal Services strives to enhance the experience of pregnancy and childbirth, and to strengthen families by providing a network of high-quality, related services in one location, building a community of support for women and families. With a provider roster of 38 healthcare professionals, services range from family education, counseling, acupuncture, prenatal yoga, new moms’ groups, postpartum fitness, sign language for babies and dads’ classes. A newly-opened retail outlet, The Peapod Book and Birth Store, and online store offer additional shopping services to Seattle families.

Great Dog
Leslie Csokasy, Judith Anderson-Wright, Owners
11333 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle WA 98125

This animal-inspired, people-oriented business was founded with the belief that embracing canine mental health and offering enriching activities would create healthier, happier and better-behaved dogs in Seattle. A thriving multiple service pet care business, it offers dog daycare, a retail store, grooming salon, obedience and training courses, and multiple community service programs. With a history of innovation, exceptional service, extensive community involvement and environmentally safe practices, Great Dog strives to work with governmental entities, its neighbors and even its competitors to ensure that the dog daycare industry is safe and provides a valuable service.

Laura Bee Designs
Laura Buzard, Owner
6418 20th Avenue NW, Seattle WA 98107

Laura Bee Designs is dedicated to creating original, customized handbags and personal accessories, available through both retail and online stores. Customers love to spread the word about the “little purse shop tucked away in Ballard,” and rave about being able to help design their personal purses and meet the people who fabricate their orders. The store doubles as a working studio and offers a distinct shopping experience that is low-pressure, fun, and includes visiting with shop mascot Otis the pug. Laura is very proud of her shop and nurtures her employees’ creativity. She credits Seattle for inspiring her to build her business — “the entrepreneurial spirit of this city is infectious!”

Donna Moodie, Owner
2331 Second Avenue, Seattle WA 98121

An intimate restaurant hailed for its funky elegance and eclecticism, marjorie has earned a devoted following for its delicious food, warm and professional service and inviting atmosphere. The restaurant’s name is a tribute to Donna’s mother, whose love of cooking and passion for entertaining inspired her daughter from an early age. Donna’s restaurant reflects her passion, personal taste and philosophy. Her commitment to community involvement, support for local vendors, and reputation as a respectful employer support her desire to be seen as an anchor in the Belltown neighborhood, in which she placed her faith 12 years ago when first establishing in Belltown.

Montessori Garden
Kathleen Wilson, Owner
8301 Fifth Avenue NE, Seattle WA 98115

Kathleen started her preschool over 28 years ago to provide high quality, full-time early childhood education services to support working mothers in the 1970s. In addition to the Montessori method of teaching children academic subjects and creative arts, Kathleen’s well-developed social curriculum promotes good citizenship, conflict resolution and social problem-solving— and has resulted in producing over 1,000 students who have learned the core values of respect, independence, equality and fairness. Kathleen is committed both to her teachers and providing affordable rates, demonstrating passion for the community and working families.

Parsons Public Relations
Joanie Parsons, Owner
6517 Phinney Avenue North, Seattle WA 98103

Founded in 1992, Parsons Public Relations is a boutique media relations and marketing firm located in Phinney Ridge, committed to being a force that promotes and communicates on behalf of socially and environmentally conscious companies. Joanie and her staff display passion for community, forging partnerships based on respect, enthusiasm and quality work with clients in design, architecture, horticulture and other eco-lifestyle companies and organizations. Striving to make a difference in both the local and global community, and integrating personal values with business practices, passion for their community and clients is evident in everything they do.

SAI Real Estate, Inc.
Deloris Walker, Owner
9462 Rainier Avenue South, Seattle WA 98118

A full service real estate brokerage operating in Rainier Beach since 1986, SAI Real Estate, Inc. was started by Deloris with a plan to help support and educate the Rainier Beach community on the benefits and possibilities of property ownership. Self-described as a “Mom and Pop” business that has enjoyed success while supporting its local community, SAI Real Estate has been a valued community partner for over 20 years. The firm has adapted over the years to serve its diverse ethnic clientele, employs neighborhood residents and uses local vendors. SAI Real Estate has been active in supporting programs for area youth, seniors and schools, and has been involved in events that increase community safety.

Second Use Building Materials, Inc.
Michael Armstrong, Patrick Burningham, Dirk Wassink, Owners
7953 Second Avenue South, Seattle WA 98108

Second Use Building Materials is an innovative business in the emerging salvage / re-use industry, driven by its mission to divert reusable materials from the waste stream; preserve local architectural heritage; provide affordable building materials to the public; and provide a safe work environment and living wages to employees. Founded in 1994 by Roy Hunter, who couldn’t stand to see useful materials heading for the dump, the company now operates out of a large warehouse in South Park, diverting 60-100 tons of reusable building materials each month. With its own database system and website inventory, the company now handles twice the volume of material it did in 2000, using the same sized facility and staff.

Soundview Medical Supply
Laura Berry, Owner
111 West John Street, #205, Seattle WA 98119

Soundview Medical Supply services an important growing niche market of seniors, providing senior care products that help elderly adults maintain a level of independence, including durable medical equipment, incontinence supplies and nutritional supplements. Home delivery of supplies is currently provided to over 750 elderly customers each month. The company strives to provide excellent customer service while navigating difficult billing systems, working with seniors who may be suffering from dementia, and caregivers who have limited English skills. Employees are nurtured with an enrichment activities fund, allowing new learning experiences. The company sponsors a number of charity events and organizations supporting their clientele.

Congratulations to all the 2006 Mayor's Small Business Awards Nominees!
Aria Floral and Design
Baas Art Gallery and Framing
Bottega Italiana
C & P Coffee Company
Canlis Glass
Cascade Partners
CC’s Burgers
Cherry Street Coffee House
DeLaurenti Specialty Food & Wine
Ebony Office Interiors, LLC
Gracewinds Perinatal Services, Inc.
Great Dog
Java Love/Baja Bistro
Laura Bee Designs
LaVassar Florists
Light Medical Transportation Service (LMTS)
Melissa Koch, Artist Studio
Montessori Garden
OCS, Inc.
Parsons Public Relations
posterGIANT, Inc.
Quardev, Inc.
Ramsey & Associates, Inc.
SAI Real Estate, Inc.
Science, Art & More, Inc.
Second Use Building Materials, Inc.
Soundview Medical Supply
Strong Insurance Agency
The Workshop
Tiny’s Organic
Wilson Public Relations