Seattle Nightlife Initiative

The Seattle Nightlife Initiative has eight components for creating a safe and vibrant nighttime economy.

The goals of the initiative are increasing public safety, growing the local economy and improving urban vibrancy.

  1. Code compliance enforcement
    Develop an assistance and enforcement strategy with nightlife businesses.
  2. Flexible liquor service hours
    Develop a proposal for flexible liquor service hours.
  3. Noise ordinance enforcement
    Adopt streamlined noise ordinance rules targeting chronic offenders.
  4. Security training requirements
    Require regular SPD security training classes as part of the state’s Nightclub
    Liquor License approval and renewal.
  5. Precinct community outreach
    Regularly scheduled precinct community outreach with nightlife businesses
    and residents.
  6. Professional development
    Develop and encourage the adoption of best practices for nightlife
  7. Late-night transportation alternatives
    Create accessible and safe late-night transportation options.
  8. Targeting public nuisances
    Create a city ordinance to allow Seattle Police greater ability to manage
    patrons of nightlife establishments contributing to public nuisances,
    disturbances and disorderly conduct.

Community feedback report and Nightlife Initiative  status update (December 28, 2010)

Online community feedback survey results (July 13, 2010-September 30, 2010)

Original Seattle Nightlife Initiative full proposal (July 13, 2010)

Responsible Hospitality Institute ( study on flexible liquor service hours