Manufacturing & Maritime


Seattle is committed to building a strong and diverse economy in Seattle by improving our position as a gateway for global trade and increasing family wage jobs in the maritime and manufacturing industries. From the cranes and container terminals that mark the Port of Seattle, to the warehouses and manufacturing facilities at the northern edges of the Duwamish Industrial District, shipping, fishing, and manufacturing have been foundations of our economic success as a City. In 2014, manufacturing companies that are concentrated in the Duwamish and Ballard industrial accounted for nearly 40 percent of all B&O taxes collected by this City-more than $75 million.

Both the manufacturing and maritime sectors have also been a critical source of middle wage jobs, one of the cornerstones of a thriving and livable City. In 2016, the Seattle Region Partnership was formed as a tri-sector initiative between business, government, and philanthropy to address jobs and opportunity for our region's residents. This cooperative effort is focused on our region's middle-income jobs, as essential to ensuring inclusive economic success in our region.

Industrial land use studies

Duwamish Industrial Lands Study



Seattle Good Business Network: Seattle Made Program

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Seattle's Maritime sector is a distinct segment of the manufacturing and industrial sector and includes businesses engaged in fishing, water transportation, ship building and repair, marine goods and services, seafood processing, cold storage, and marine construction.

Seattle's maritime industry sector provides important economic diversification, includes many stable, multi-generational companies that provide family-wage jobs, and maintains a long-standing competitive advantage for the city.

The benefits Seattle provides to our maritime sector include:

  • Proximity to distributors, suppliers, and customers
  • Fresh water berths
  • Deep water access
  • Access to waterborne, rail, truck, and airborne freight shipping modes that converge in the city


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