Life Sciences

Life Sciences

Seattle is an emerging global biotechnology center and the hub of biotechnology activity in the Puget Sound region and Pacific Northwest and is ranked 5th in the nation for biotechnology industry concentration. Approximately 7,600 people work for 55 companies in Seattle's biotechnology industry sector.

The city is providing significant investment in the South Lake Union area to further expand Seattle's biotechnology presence and create a biotechnology hub. Seattle's South Lake Union has been identified as the city's biotechnology center and will provide 10 million square feet of development capacity.

The benefits Seattle provides for the biotechnology sector include:

  • World-renowned research institutions and industry leaders
  • Established and growing biotechnology industry
  • Accessible capital and funding sources
  • Thriving biotechnology center at South Lake Union

Global Health

A growing number of Seattle's companies are involved in clean and efficient energy, green building, and environmental technologies. Seattle's clean technology companies, entrepreneurs, financial resources, and utility infrastructure position Seattle as a leader in the development, deployment, and export of clean technology products and services.