Information and Communication Technology

Seattle's Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Industry sector includes over 850 companies, 18,250 jobs, and contributes over $3.5 billion to the city's economy.

The ICT industry sector employees include: software developers and engineers, programmers, analysts, administrators, and graphic designers. Seattle ranks second in the nation in its concentration of software programmers and engineers and third in the nation in concentration of all ICT occupations.

Seattle's commitment to the ICT industry sector was featured in a special report by The Brookings Institution's Center on Urban and Metropolitan Policy. The report, "Ten Steps to A High Tech Future: The New Economy in Metropolitan Seattle" recommends Seattle's best practices as a model other urban areas can use to foster the development of an ICT presence. Also, Intel recently named Seattle as the most "unwired" city in the country-the easiest place in America in which to access wireless Internet connections.

The benefits Seattle provides the information technology sector include:

  • Proximity to universities for research and talent
  • Access to multiple venture capital companies
  • A large base of existing software companies
  • Technology infrastructure that fosters innovation

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Content and Technology Convergence

By leveraging Seattle's artistic content creators along with its technological capacity, we create symbiotic industries that continually drive their own innovation. Corporations have a deep pool of local talent to pursue new endeavors. Local talent will thrives with new distribution opportunities that advances their careers. All the while Seattle enjoys the many economic and cultural benefits of a thriving creative sector, advancing our position in the global marketplace.