Income Distribution

Exhibit 5.1

Exhibit 5.2

Key Findings

Exhibit 5-1 shows the distribution of household income by income quintile. Each quintile represents 20% of Seattle households.

Income has shifted little among the upper three quintiles from 2010 to 2011. In 2010, the top 20% highest income households accounted for 52.0% of Seattle income. In 2011, the highest income households accounted for 51.8% of income, with an absolute decrease of 0.2%. In the 4th income quintile, 2011 households accounted for 23.4% of Seattle income, 0.9% higher than in 2010. In 2009, income distribution was higher in all categories except for the 3rd and 5th quintiles (Ex. 5-1).

Seattle median household income was $52,048 in 2011, about 15% higher than the US median income of $45,00. Seven of eight population groups in Seattle have higher median incomes than their national counterparts (Ex. 5-2).

(8) Median income by race estimates reflect 2011 1-year averages for the Seattle MSA area. 2011 5-year averages for the City of Seattle will be released by the American Community Survey in December, 2012.