23rd Avenue Businesses

23rd Avenue Business Stabilization Fund

The 23rd Avenue Business Stabilization Fund was established to support micro-businesses impacted by the 23rd Avenue Phase 2 construction project. The fund will be supported through a one-time combination of federal Community Development Block Grants and fees generated from the City's New Markets Tax Credit program.


To qualify for this support, businesses must meet all of the following criteria:

1)      As of 5/1/18, businesses were already established, as evidenced by a current City of Seattle business license and signed lease (if applicable).

2)      Businesses must have direct access from 23rd Ave S between S Jackson St and S Walker St; and

3)      Must be a microbusiness of five (5) or fewer employees (including owner(s)); and

4)      Businesses must be a for-profit, independent, non-franchise, retail/service business that relies on walk-in or drive-in clientele as the predominant source of revenue; and

5)      The majority of business customers are in a customer service area where the total resident population is predominantly low and moderate income, as described on the intake form. 

Application Process 

Businesses fill out the "Phase 2 - 23rd Avenue Business Stabilization Fund Intake Form" and include with the following required documentation:

•         Current City of Seattle Business License

•         Documentation showing that the business was in operation as of May 1, 2018. This can be a signed lease agreement, a utility bill, or other similar documentation

•         Completed W-9 form (for the business owner only) 

Please submit the intake form and required documentation to OED by 6/15/18, via email or in person.  

OED will have staff available to assist businesses one-on-one in completing the intake form. For submissions or questions, please email:

AJ Cari

Small Business Advocate

Office of Economic Development

700 5th Ave, Suite 5752

Seattle, WA 98104



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