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Business Improvement Area (BIA) Advocate

The Office of Economic Development seeks a Business Improvement Area (BIA) Advocate to join OED's Only In Seattle team.

The Only in Seattle Initiative provides seed funding and support to help business districts move ahead of their current state to a new level of organization and operations. Participating districts develop strategic visions of where they want to be, action plans to achieve the vision and clear outcomes intended from the work. The action plans are focused on making an impact in the business district and building a foundation for long-term sustainability. OED invests grant dollars, technical assistance resources and staff time in each participating business district.

BIAs are funding mechanisms for business district revitalization and management. Specifically, the mechanism is an assessment collected from businesses and/or properties within defined boundaries. The funds collected are used to provide services for the mutual benefit of the businesses and properties being assessed. BIA technical assistance and support is an integral part of the Office of Economic Development's (OED) Only in Seattle Initiative services.

There are ten BIAs in Seattle generating over $17 million in annual revenues, which are used for major tourism campaigns, maintenance of the downtown core, and many festivals, small business support networks and beautification projects. Business districts are increasingly using BIAs as an effective tool to support their growth and revitalization. In Seattle, there have been two new and three expanded BIAs in the past few years, while several other neighborhoods are working on BIAs. In 2016, the City created new policies and procedures related to BIAs that expands the role of OED in supporting the creation of new BIAs and providing more assistance and oversight to existing BIAs.

This new position, known as the Business Improvement Area (BIA) Advocate, will be a member of the Only in Seattle team and the primary point person for all BIA support work. The position will serve as the City's key advisor on the development and management of BIAs, identifying best practices and City policy to support their formation, informing BIA program development, representing the City strategically, and helping to ensure maximization of BIA impact.

Closing date: Dec 20, 2016 at 4PM PST  |  View the complete position description

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