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Create a Thriving Business District


The Seattle Police Department (SPD) offers several free services directed toward the reduction of crime in business and commercial environments. Your business district can benefit from SPD’s Crime Prevention program and can take advantage of the resources available to enhance public safety. Most services of the Crime Prevention Division are free and may be scheduled by calling your Precinct Crime Prevention Coordinator (see the list on the following page).

Business Watch is designed to facilitate the organization of businesses into formal and informal associations that allow the power of unity and shared ideas to reduce crime. It is based on the concept used for Block Watch, which utilizes the strength of the community by enlisting neighbors to watch out for each other.

Business/Commercial crime reduction training: On-site training programs are available to complement crime prevention information. These free programs are designed to reduce the crimes of robbery, burglary and shoplifting. Training is also available in the areas of office security, workplace and personal safety. Presentations can be structured to meet the needs of your business.

Crime reduction survey: This o n-premise security evaluation will examine the physical and operational aspects of your business, incorporating the principles of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED). CPTED refers to a group of strategies intended to reduce the fear of crime and the opportunities to commit crime. It acknowledges that the existing environment can influence criminal behavior. The Precinct Crime Prevention Coordinator can provide a CPTED review of existing and planned structures or environments.

Information about business crime prevention techniques: Free informational handouts are available for the various types of crimes that can concern businesses and commercial areas. This material will assist you in your crime prevention efforts. You may also access information online at:

Frequently asked questions:

Our business district is experiencing ongoing graffiti and vandalism. How can we prevent this?

The Precinct Crime Prevention Coordinator (see numbers listed on the following page) can assist businesses in identifying the causes of crimes that affect their neighborhood and together they can work towards a resolution.

I have had to call 911 several times for the same problem; is there a way to address this?

Yes. Contact the non-emergency number 206-625-5011 for chronic, ongoing problems that have not been resolved by calling 911. The operator will connect you with the correct Precinct Community Police Team to assist you.

Who can I talk to about police procedures or about an officer’s actions?

Call your Precinct Watch Commander (24 hours) for administrative or procedural questions or comments regarding an officer’s actions. Commendations or complaints about officer conduct can also be made to the Office of Professional Accountability by phone at 206-684-8797 or email at





Seattle Police Department

  • Non-emergency questions and information----------------------------------- 206-625-5011
  • EMERGENCY--------------------------------------------------------------------- Call 911
  • Crime Prevention Coordinators

          West Precinct:

Terrie Johnston ------------------------------------ 206-684-4741


Francisco Tello, Business Coordinator ------------206-684-4730



          East Precinct :

Sonja Richter -------------------------------------- 206-684-7717



          North Precinct :

Neil Hansen (West of I-5)-------------------------- 206-684-4689

Diane Horswill (East of I-5)------------------------ 206-684-7711



          South (east) Precinct:

Mark Solomon-------------------------------------- 206-386-9766


Linh Thach, Asian Liaison-------------------------- 206-684-7712



          Southwest Precinct :

Benjamin Kinlow----------------------------------- 206-684-7724



  • Abandoned Vehicle Hotline------------------------------------------------------ 206-684-8763
  • Parking Enforcement (for ongoing problems)--------------------------------- 206-386-9012
  • Immediate dispatch for illegally parked vehicle------------------------------- 206-625-5011
  • Checks and Forgery Unit ------------------------------------------------------- 206-684-8981
  • Harbor Patrol--------------------------------------------------------------------- 206-684-4071

Legal Questions : Precinct Liaison Program Attorneys

Office of Professional Accountability ------------------------------------------------- 206-684-8797