EASE Sponsors

Seattle Management Association

EASE was recognized by the Seattle Management Association with their 2014 Leadership in Public Service Award.

Local 2083
Seattle Public Library Employees helped fundraise for EASE in 2014.

Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union
The Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union funded the establishment of the EASE Sympathy Fund and has been a corporate sponsor since the EASE Fund was established in 2006 - thank you SMCU!

PTE Local 17
Local 17 renewed their generous financial support of EASE in 2012 with a $2000 donation. Local 17 has been a steadfast partner and supporter of EASE since we were established in 2006 - thank you Local 17!

Local 27
The Seattle Firefighter's Union, Local 27, shares the goal of supporting City employees in need and has provided ongoing financial support of EASE. Thank you Local 27!

Statement of Support from the Filipino American Civic Employees of Seattle

Statement of Support from the Latino City Employees