Resources for Employees

Financial Counseling

Did you know that the City's Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides financial counseling to employees and their families? Wellspring Family Services provides assistance on debt consolidation, budgeting and referrals to appropriate community agencies. The service is confidential and the initial consultation is free. The City will allow you up to 6 hours of EAP time during any calendar year (not charged to sick leave or vacation) to attend EAP counseling or training sessions. To designate EASE as a payroll deduction recipient, log into the City's Employee Self-Service website.

Wellspring has intake specialists available 24 hours a day at 1-800-553-7798, or visit their web site.

Utility Discount Programs

PeoplePoint helps people with low and moderate incomes apply for a number of benefit programs - free or reduced-cost child care and preschool, reduced energy and utility bills, food and health insurance - all at the same time in the same place.

This program - jointly sponsored by the City's Human Services Department and Public Health - Seattle & King County - is centered on the customer. It provides information, determines eligibility, and helps the customer apply for the eligible benefits. This is a "one-stop shopping" program to eliminate the need to go from office to office or call multiple phone numbers to access several critical programs and services.

PeoplePoint facilitates access to a number of programs that can help with electricity, heat and water bills:

Fifty percent discount on monthly electricity and water rates:

One-time payment toward past-due bills:

Eligibility and Applications

Each program has different guidelines to determine eligibility and those guidelines change periodically. You might qualify for one or more of the programs detailed here. If a household was eligible for - and accessed - all of the PeoplePoint benefits, the value could exceed $1,500 per month.


For more information about PeoplePoint, including how to assess eligibility and fill out applications, visit, call 206-684-0355, or e-mail