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23rd Avenue Action Plan

2000 Decennial Census

2010 Decennial Census


Abandon Building

Abandoned Cars / Abandoned Vehicles

Abatement - Noise

About Seattle

About Us

Accessory Dwelling Unit

Active Director's Rules by Code

Active Director's Rules by Year

Activity Locator

American Community Survey

Animal Codes

Applicant Service Center

Apply for a Permit

Apply for a Self-Issued Electrical Permit

Apply for a Side Sewer Repair Permit

Attend a Meeting


Backyard Cottage

Ballard Urban Design


Barnyard Animals

Bed Bugs

Bee Keeping



Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code

Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspection

Boiler Licensing Registration

Broadview / Bitter Lake / Haller Lake Neighborhood Plan Update

Build a Deck

Building & House Maintenance Code

Building - Abandoned

Building - Dangerous

Building Code

Building Communities Around Transit

Building Height & Size

Building Permit - New: Family (3+), Commercial, Mixed Use, or Industrial

Building Permit - New: Single-Family Residential or Duplex

Building Use (Changing or Making Legal)

Building or Property Complaint

Buildings - Unreinforced Masonry

Buildings Unfit for Human Habitation


Business - Illegal

Businesses - New


Can My Landlord Raise My Rent?

Can the City Regulate How I Use My Property?

Capitol Hill Light Rail Area

Capitol Hill Station Sites Planning

Car & Vehicle Storage

Cars - Abandon



Changes to Code - Cross-Laminated Timber

Changes to Code - Developing Small, Single-Family Lots

Changes to Code - Environmentally Critical Areas Update

Changes to Code - Living Building Pilot Update

Changes to Code - Lowrise Multifamily Code Corrections

Changes to Code - Marijuana Zoning Restrictions

Changes to Code - Micro-Housing

Changes to Code - Minimum Density

Changes to Code - Pike / Pine Conservation District

Changes to Code - Shoreline Master Program

Changes to Code - Stormwater Code & Rules Update

Changes to Code - Unreinforced Masonry Buildings

Changes to Your Issued Permit

Changing Property or Building Use

Check Complaint Status

Check Permit Status


City Regulation of Property Use



Code - Animal

Code - Building

Code - Elevator

Code - Energy

Code - Fire

Code - Fuel Gas

Code - Grading

Code - Land Use

Code - Mechanical

Code - Mobile Home & Parks

Code - Noise

Code - Plumbing

Code - Refrigeration

Code - Residential

Code - Shoreline Master Program

Code - Sign

Code - Stormwater

Code - Street Use

Code - Tree Protection

Code - Weed & Vegetation Code

Code - Zoning Maps & Classifications

Code Interpretations

Code Requirement Exemptions

Codes & Rules

Codes We Enforce (A-Z)

Comment on a Project

Common Code Questions

Common Projects

Complaint - Make a

Comprehensive Plan

Conditional Use - Land Use Application

Condominium Conversions

Construction Code Advisory Board

Construction Noise

Construction Permit - Addition or Alternation

Construction Permit - Establishing Use

Construction Permit - New Building, Multi-Family (3+ units), Commercial, Mixed-Use, or Industrial

Construction Permit - New Building, Single-Family Residents or Duplex

Construction Permit - Subject-to-Field-Inspection

Construction Permit -Temporary Structure & Uses

Construction Without a Permit

Contact DPD Managers

Contact Us

Cooperative Conversion

Critical Area - Environmentally

Cross-Laminated Timber

Customer Service Numbers


Dangerous Building

Decennial Census


Deconstruction - Residential

Delridge Action Plan


Demographics - Housing

Demographics - Land Use

Demographics - Population & Households

Demographics - Prosperity

Demographics - Race & Ethnicity

Demolition - Building

Design Guidelines

Design Review

Design Review - Administrative

Design Review - Full

Design Review - Streamlined

Design Review Board

Detached Accessory Dwelling Unit

Developing Small Single-Family Lots

Director & Manager Numbers

Director's Message

Director's Rules

Do You Need a permit?

Dog Kennels

Doggy Day Care


DPD Activity Locator

DPD Customer Service Numbers



Duwamish Industrial Lands Study


ECA Steep Slope Development Relief

Electrical Code

Elevator Code

Emergency Management

Emergency Repair Permit

Energy Code

Engineering Wind Map

Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) Code - State

Environmental Sign Installation Notification

Environmentally Critical Areas (ECA)

Environmentally Critical Areas (ECA) Exemptions

Environmentally Critical Areas Update

Envisioning Interbay

Ethnicity - Race Demographics



Exceptions - Street Improvement

Exemptions - Shoreline

Exemptions - Small Projects Waiver

Exemptions From Code Requirements

Extensions - Grading Season



Farm Animals - Urban

Feedback - Website



Field Inspection Permit

File A Complaint

Files & Maps - Geographic

Find Staff Phone Numbers

Find Your Zoning

Fire Alarm Permit

Fire Code

First Hill Parks & Public Space

Floodplain Development Code



Fuel Gas Code




Gas Pipe Licensing Registration

Geographic Files & Maps



Grading Code

Grading Permit

Grading Season Extensions

Green Building Permit Incentives

Green Factor - Seattle

Green Priority Expedited Permit

Green Priority Facilitated Permit


Home Business Rules

Home Occupation Rules

Home Retrofit Permit

Homes & Parks - Mobile Codes

House Additions

House Remodels


Housing & Building Maintenance

Housing Inspection - Rental

How Do You Get a Permit?

How Many Cars Can I Park?

How Many Chickens Can I Have?

How Much Will My Permit Cost?

How We Respond


Illegal Businesses

Illegal Dwelling Unit

Illegal Food Cart

Illegal Living Unit

Illegal Mother-in-Law Unit

Incentive Zoning Update

Incentives - Green Building

Industrial Lands Study

Information - Fee

Information for Tenants & Landlords

Innovation Advisory

Inoperable Cars

Inoperable Vehicles

Inspection - Boiler & Pressure Vessel

Inspection - Construction

Inspection - Electrical

Inspection - Elevator & Escalator

Inspection - Furnace

Inspection - Mechanical

Inspection - Noise

Inspection - Rental Housing

Inspection - Schedule

Inspection - Side Sewer

Inspection - Site Development

Inspection - Special

Inspections Your Permit Requires


Junk Cars and Vehicles

Junk Storage & Garbage

Just Cause Ordinance



Lake City Urban Design

Land Use / Master Use Permit - Conditional Use

Land Use / Master Use Permit - Environmentally Critical Areas (ECA)

Land Use / Master Use Permit - Overview of MUP

Land Use / Master Use Permit - Plat

Land Use / Master Use Permit - Rezone

Land Use / Master Use Permit - Shoreline

Land Use / Maser Use Permit - State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA)

Land Use / Master Use Permit - Variance

Land Use Code

Land Use Demographics

Land Use Information Bulletin

Landlord - Tenant

Letters - Zoning Verification

Licensing & Registration

Licensing - Refrigeration

Licensing - Renew Online

Licensing - Steam Engineer & Boiler Fireman

Licensing Registration - Boiler

Licensing Registration - Gas Pipe

Licensing Registration - Refrigeration

Licensing Registration - Rental Registration & Inspection Ordinance

Line Changes - Property

Little Saigon Business District

Living Building Project Update

Lowrise Multifamily Code Corrections


Main Street Mapping

Make a Complaint

Map - Wind

Maps & Files - Geographic

Maps - Zoning

Marijuana Zoning Restrictions

Masonry Building - Unreinforced

Master Use / Land Use Permit - Conditional Use

Master Use / Land Use Permit - Environmentally Critical Areas (ECA)

Master Use / Land Use Permit - Overview of MUP

Master Use / Land Use Permit - Plat

Master Use / Land Use Permit - Rezone

Master Use / Land Use Permit - Shoreline

Master Use / Land Use Permit - State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA)

Master Use / Land Use Permit - Variance

Mechanical Code

Mechanical Permit


Message From the Director



Microfilm Library

Minimum Density

Mobile Homes & Parks

Monthly / Yearly Issuance Reports (2003 - Present)

Mother-in-Law Units

Multifamily Code Corrections

MUP Drawings

MUP Renewal

MUP Revisions


Neighborhood Main Street Mapping

New Building

New Businesses


Noise - Construction

Noise Abatement

Noise Code

Noise Enforcement

Noise Variance Exceptions

Northgate Urban Design


Occupation - Home



Parcel Data

Parking & Car Storage Rules

Parking - Location, Size & Number of Spots


Pay Permit Fees Online

Pedestrian Retail Areas

Permit & Property Records Search

Permit - Apply

Permit - Changes to Your Issued

Permit - Construction - Addition or Alternation

Permit - Construction - Establishing Use

Permit - Construction - New Building, Multi-Family (3+ units), Commercial, Mixed-Use, or Industrial

Permit - Construction- New Building, Single-Family Residents or Duplex

Permit - Construction - Subject-to-Field-Inspection

Permit - Construction - Temporary Structure & Uses

Permit - Construction Without a

Permit - Curb Cut

Permit - Demolition - Building

Permit - Design Review - Administrative

Permit - Design Review - Full

Permit - Design Review - Streamlined

Permit - Electrical

Permit - Elevator & Escalator

Permit - Emergency Repair

Permit - Fire Alarm

Permit - Grading

Permit - Green Expedited Priority

Permit - Green Facilitated Priority

Permit - Green Incentives

Permit - Home Retrofit

Permit - Land Use / Master Use - Constitutional Use

Permit - Land Use / Master Use - Environmentally Critical Areas (ECA)

Permit - Land Use / Master Use - Overview of MUP

Permit - Land Use / Master Use - Plat

Permit - Land Use / Master Use - Rezone

Permit - Land Use / Master Use - Shoreline

Permit - Land Use / Master Use - State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA)

Permit - Land Use/ Master Use - Variance

Permit - Mechanical

Permit - Refrigeration

Permit - Side Sewer

Permit - Sign, Awning & Billboard

Permit - Tenant Improvement Permit (Blanket)

Permit Cost

Permit Fee Estimator

Permit Forms

Permit Requires - Inspection

Permit Status - Check

Permit Types (A-Z)


Phone Numbers - Director & Managers


Pike / Pine Conservation Overlay District

Pipe - Gas Licensing

Plan - Comprehensive

Planning - 23rd Avenue Action Plan

Planning - Archive

Planning - Ballard Urban Design

Planning - Broadview / Bitter Lake / Haller Lake

Planning - Building Communities Around Transit

Planning - Capitol Hill Station Sites Planning

Planning - Duwamish Industrial Lands Study

Planning - Envisioning Ballard to Interbay

Planning - First hill Parks & Public Space

Planning - Lake City Urban Design

Planning - Little Saigon Business District

Planning - Living Building Project Update

Planning - Northgate Urban Design

Planning - Pedestrian Retail Areas

Planning - Pike / Pine Conservation District

Planning - Privately Owned Public Spaces

Planning - Rainier Beach

Planning - Seattle Green Factor

Planning - Seattle's Comprehensive Plan

Planning - South Lake Union

Planning - Stadium District Study

Planning - U District Urban Design

Planning - Uptown: Framework for the Future

Planning - Waterfront Seattle

Planning Commission

Plumbing Code

Population & Demographics

Population & Households

Pressure Vessel & Boiler Code

Pressure Vessel & Boiler Inspection

Pressure Vessel & Boiler Permit

Privately Owned Public Spaces

Problems With Your Rental

Prohibited Acts

Project - Comment

Projects - Common

Property & Building Use (Changing or Making Legal) Permit

Property Complaint

Property Line Changes

Property Use Regulation


Public Disclosure

Public Disclosure Requests

Public Resource Center

Publication Pricelist


Question & Answer Service - Land Use

Question & Answer Service - Permitting

Question & Answer Service - RRIO


Race & Ethnicity Demographics

Rainier Beach Neighborhood Plan Update

Refrigeration Code

Refrigeration Licensing Registration

Refrigeration Permit

Registered Billboards

Regulation of Property Use

Relocation Assistance - Tenant


Removal - Bush / Tree

Renew Trade Licenses Online

Rental Agreement Regulation

Rental Housing Inspection

Rental Registration & Inspection Ordinance

Renting in Seattle

Repair Permit for Emergencies

Request an Inspection

Research My Property

Residential Code

Residential Deconstruction

Restrictions - Marijuana

Retaining Walls & Rockeries




Schedule an Inspection

Seattle - About

Seattle 2035

Seattle Green Factor

Seattle Planning Commission

Seattle Registered Billboards

Seattle Residential Code

Seattle's Comprehensive Plan

Send Us Your Building Permit Question

Send Us Your Land Use Question


Shoreline - Exemptions

Shoreline Code

Shoreline Master Program

Shoreline Master Program Update

Shrub Removal

Side Sewer Cards & Maps

Side Sewer Repair Permit

Sign, Awning, Billboard Permit

Sign Code

Sign Installation Notification - Environmental

Small Project Wavier

Small Single-Family Lots

South Lake Union

Special Events

Sprinkler Shop Drawings

SPU GIS Map Counter Services

Stadium District Study

Staff Directory

State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) Code

Steam Engineer & Boiler Firemen Licensing

Stormwater Code

Stormwater Code & Rules Update

Street Food Carts or Trucks Permit

Street Use Code

Subject-to-Field-Inspection Permit

Survey - American Community


Temporary Construction Permit

Temporary Structure

Tenant Improvement

Tenant Relocation Assistance



Tools & Resources

Trade Licenses


Tree Removal


U District Urban Design

Unfit for Human Habitation - Buildings

Unreinforced Masonry Buildings

Unsafe Building

Urban Farm Animals

Uptown: Framework for the Future


Vacant Building Standards

Variances - Noise



Vegetation & Weed Code

Vegetation Overgrowth

Vegetation Removal

Vehicle & Junk Car Rules

Vehicles & Cars - Abandon

Verification Letters - Zoning

View Estimated Wait Times for Service

Visit Us


Water Use

Waterfront Seattle

Waver - Small Project

Website Feedback Form

Weed & Vegetation Code

Weed Overgrowth

What Should I Do if I’m Cited?

Who We Are

Why Can the City Regulate How I Use My Property

Wind Map




Zoning - Find Your

Zoning Charts

Zoning Map Books

Zoning Verification Letters