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Abandon Building

Abandoned Cars / Abandoned Vehicles

Abatement - Noise

About Us

Accessory Dwelling Unit

Active Director's Rules by Code

Active Director's Rules by Year

Animal Codes

Applicant Service Center

Apply for a Permit

Apply for a Self-Issued Electrical Permit

Apply for a Side Sewer Repair Permit

Attend a Meeting


Backyard Cottage

Barnyard Animals

Bed Bugs

Bee Keeping

Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code

Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspection

Boiler Licensing Registration

Build a Deck

Building & House Maintenance Code

Building - Abandoned

Building - Dangerous

Building or Property Complaint

Building Code

Building Permit - New: Family (3+), Commercial, Mixed Use, or Industrial

Building Permit - New: Single-Family Residential or Duplex

Building Plans

Building Use (Changing or Making Legal)

Buildings - Unreinforced Masonry

Buildings Unfit for Human Habitation


Bus Layover Facilities

Business - Illegal

Businesses - New


Can My Landlord Raise My Rent?

Can the City Regulate How I Use My Property?

Car & Vehicle Storage

Cars - Abandon


Changes to Code - Bus Layover Facilities

Changes to Code - Code Corrections

Changes to Code - Cross-Laminated Timber

Changes to Code - Curb Ramps

Changes to Code - Design Review Program Improvements

Changes to Code - Environmentally Critical Areas Update

Changes to Code - Neighborhood Parking

Changes to Code - RRIO & Housing Code Updates

Changes to Code - Unreinforced Masonry Buildings

Changes to Code - Vacant Buildings

Changes to Your Issued Permit

Changing Property or Building Use

Check Complaint Status

Check Permit Status


City Regulation of Property Use



Code - Boiler & Pressure Vessel

Code - Building

Code - Buildings Unfit for Human Habitation

Code - Condominium Conversions

Code - Cooperative Conversion

Code - Electrical

Code - Elevator

Code - Energy

Code - Environmentally Critical Areas

Code - Existing Building

Code - Fees

Code - Fire

Code - Floodplain Development

Code - Fuel Gas

Code - Grading

Code - Housing & Building Maintenance

Code - Just Cause Eviction

Code - Land Use

Code - Marijuana

Code - Mechanical

Code - Mobile Home & Parks

Code - Noise

Code - Plumbing 

Code - Prohibited Acts

Code - Refrigeration

Code - Rental Agreement Regulation

Code - Rental Registration & Inspection Ordinance

Code - Residential

Code - Seattle Green Factor

Code - Shoreline Master Program

Code - Side Sewer

Code - Sign

Code - Small Efficiency Dwelling Units

Code - State Environmental Policy Act

Code - Stormwater

Code - Street Use

Code - Tenant Relocation Assistance

Code - Tree Protection

Code - Vacant Building Standards

Code - Weed & Vegetation Code

Code - Zoning

Code Corrections

Code Requirement Exemptions

Codes & Rules

Codes & Rules Vault

Codes We Enforce (A-Z)

Comment on a Project

Common Code Questions

Common Projects

Complaint - Make a

Conditional Use - Land Use Application

Condominium Conversions

Construction Code Advisory Board

Construction Code Interpretations

Construction Noise

Construction Permit - Addition or Alternation

Construction Permit - Establishing Use

Construction Permit - New Building, Multi-Family (3+ units), Commercial, Mixed-Use, or Industrial

Construction Permit - New Building, Single-Family Residents or Duplex

Construction Permit - Subject-to-Field-Inspection

Construction Permit -Temporary Structure & Uses

Construction Without a Permit

Contact Seattle DCI Managers

Contact Us

Cooperative Conversion

Critical Area - Environmentally

Cross-Laminated Timber

Customer Service Numbers


Dangerous Building


Deconstruction - Residential

Demolition - Building

Design Guidelines

Design Review

Design Review Program Improvements

Design Review - Administrative

Design Review - Full

Design Review - Streamlined

Design Review Board

Detached Accessory Dwelling Unit

Director & Manager Numbers

Director's Message

Director's Rules

Do You Need a permit?




ECA Steep Slope Development Relief

Electrical Code

Elevator Code

Emergency Management

Emergency Repair Permit

Energy Code

Engineering Wind Map

Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) Code - State

Environmental Sign Installation Notification

Environmentally Critical Areas (ECA)

Environmentally Critical Areas (ECA) Exemptions

Environmentally Critical Areas Update



Exceptions - Street Improvement

Exemptions - Shoreline

Exemptions - Small Projects Waiver

Exemptions From Code Requirements

Extensions - Grading Season



Feedback - Website



Field Inspection Permit

File A Complaint

Files & Maps - Geographic

Find Staff Phone Numbers

Find Your Zoning

Fire Alarm Permit

Fire Code

Floating Residences

Floodplain Development Code



Fuel Gas Code




Gas Pipe Licensing Registration

Geographic Files & Maps

GIS - Seattle DCI


Grading Code

Grading Permit

Grading Season Extensions

Green Building Permit Incentives

Green Factor - Seattle

Green Priority Expedited Permit

Green Priority Facilitated Permit


Home Business Rules

Home Occupation Rules

Home Retrofit Permit

Homes & Parks - Mobile Codes

House Additions

House Remodels


Housing & Building Maintenance

Housing Inspection - Rental

How Do You Get a Permit?

How Many Cars Can I Park?

How Many Chickens Can I Have?

How Much Will My Permit Cost?

How We Respond


Illegal Businesses

Illegal Dwelling Unit

Illegal Food Cart

Illegal Living Unit

Illegal Mother-in-Law Unit

Incentives - Green Building

Information - Fee

Information for Tenants & Landlords

Innovation Advisory

Inoperable Cars

Inoperable Vehicles

Inspection - Boiler & Pressure Vessel

Inspection - Construction

Inspection - Electrical

Inspection - Elevator & Escalator

Inspection - Furnace

Inspection - Mechanical

Inspection - Noise

Inspection - Rental Housing

Inspection - Schedule

Inspection - Side Sewer

Inspection - Sign

Inspection - Site Development

Inspection - Special

Inspections Your Permit Requires

Interpretations - Construction Code


Junk Cars and Vehicles

Junk Storage & Garbage

Just Cause Ordinance



Land Use / Master Use Permit - Conditional Use

Land Use / Master Use Permit - Environmentally Critical Areas (ECA)

Land Use / Master Use Permit - Overview of MUP

Land Use / Master Use Permit - Plat

Land Use / Master Use Permit - Rezone

Land Use / Master Use Permit - Shoreline

Land Use / Maser Use Permit - State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA)

Land Use / Master Use Permit - Variance

Land Use Code

Land Use Information Bulletin

Landlord - Tenant

Letters - Zoning Verification

Licensing & Registration

Licensing - Refrigeration

Licensing - Renew Online

Licensing - Steam Engineer & Boiler Fireman

Licensing Registration - Boiler

Licensing Registration - Gas Pipe

Licensing Registration - Refrigeration

Licensing Registration - Rental Registration & Inspection Ordinance

Line Changes - Property


Make a Complaint

Map - Wind

Maps & Files - Geographic

Maps - Zoning

Marijuana Code

Masonry Building - Unreinforced

Master Use / Land Use Permit - Conditional Use

Master Use / Land Use Permit - Environmentally Critical Areas (ECA)

Master Use / Land Use Permit - Overview of MUP

Master Use / Land Use Permit - Plat

Master Use / Land Use Permit - Rezone

Master Use / Land Use Permit - Shoreline

Master Use / Land Use Permit - State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA)

Master Use / Land Use Permit - Variance

Mechanical Code

Mechanical Permit


Message From the Director



Microfilm Library

Mobile Homes & Parks

Monthly / Yearly Issuance Reports (2003 - Present)

Mother-in-Law Units

MUP Drawings

MUP Renewal

MUP Revisions


Neighborhood Parking

Neighborhood, What's Happening

New Building

New Businesses


Noise - Construction

Noise Abatement

Noise Code

Noise Enforcement

Noise Variance Exceptions


Occupation - Home



Parcel Data

Parking & Car Storage Rules

Parking - Location, Size & Number of Spots

Parking, Neighborhood

Parking Updates


Pay Permit Fees Online

Permit & Property Records Search

Permit - Apply

Permit - Boiler & Pressure Vessel

Permit - Changes to Your Issued

Permit - Construction - Addition or Alternation

Permit - Construction - Establishing Use

Permit - Construction - New Building, Multi-Family (3+ units), Commercial, Mixed-Use, or Industrial

Permit - Construction- New Building, Single-Family Residents or Duplex

Permit - Construction - Subject-to-Field-Inspection

Permit - Construction - Temporary Structure & Uses

Permit - Construction Without a

Permit - Curb Cut

Permit - Demolition - Building

Permit - Design Review - Administrative

Permit - Design Review - Full

Permit - Design Review - Streamlined

Permit - Electrical

Permit - Elevator & Escalator

Permit - Emergency Repair

Permit - Fire Alarm

Permit - Grading

Permit - Green Expedited Priority

Permit - Green Facilitated Priority

Permit - Green Incentives

Permit - Home Retrofit

Permit - Land Use / Master Use - Constitutional Use

Permit - Land Use / Master Use - Environmentally Critical Areas (ECA)

Permit - Land Use / Master Use - Overview of MUP

Permit - Land Use / Master Use - Plat

Permit - Land Use / Master Use - Rezone

Permit - Land Use / Master Use - Shoreline

Permit - Land Use / Master Use - State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA)

Permit - Land Use/ Master Use - Variance

Permit - Mechanical

Permit - Phased

Permit - Refrigeration

Permit - Re-Roof

Permit - Residential Deconstruction

Permit - Side Sewer

Permit - Sign, Awning & Billboard

Permit - Tenant Improvement Permit (Blanket)

Permit - Tree & Vegetation Removal

Permit Cost

Permit Fee Estimator

Permit Forms

Permit Requires - Inspection

Permit Status - Check

Permit Types (A-Z)


Phone Numbers - Director & Managers


Pike / Pine Conservation Overlay District

Pipe - Gas Licensing

Plumbing Code

Population & Households

Pressure Vessel & Boiler Code

Pressure Vessel & Boiler Inspection

Pressure Vessel & Boiler Permit

Privately Owned Public Spaces

Problems With Your Rental

Prohibited Acts

Project - Comment

Projects - Common

Property & Building Use (Changing or Making Legal) Permit

Property Complaint

Property Line Changes

Property Use Regulation

Public Disclosure

Public Disclosure Request Center

Public Resource Center


Question & Answer Service - Land Use

Question & Answer Service - Permitting

Question & Answer Service - RRIO


Ramps, Curb

Refrigeration Code

Refrigeration Licensing Registration

Refrigeration Permit

Re-Roof Permit

Registered Billboards

Regulation of Property Use

Relocation Assistance - Tenant


Removal - Bush / Tree

Renew Trade Licenses Online

Rental Agreement Regulation

Rental Housing Inspection

Rental Registration & Inspection Ordinance

Renting in Seattle

Repair Permit for Emergencies

Request an Inspection

Research My Property

Residential Code

Residential Deconstruction

Retaining Walls & Rockeries




Schedule an Inspection

Seattle Green Factor

Seattle Registered Billboards

Seattle Residential Code

Send Us Your Building Permit Question

Send Us Your Land Use Question


Shoreline - Exemptions

Shoreline Code

Shrub Removal

Side Sewer Cards & Maps

Side Sewer Repair Permit

Sign, Awning, Billboard Permit

Sign Code

Sign Installation Notification - Environmental

Small Efficiency Dwelling Units

Small Project Wavier

Special Events

Sprinkler Shop Drawings

SPU GIS Map Counter Services

Staff Directory

State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) Code

Steam Engineer & Boiler Firemen Licensing

Stormwater Code

Street Food Carts or Trucks Permit

Street Use Code

Subject-to-Field-Inspection Permit


Temporary Construction Permit

Temporary Structure

Tenant Improvement

Tenant Relocation Assistance



Tools & Resources

Trade Licenses


Tree Removal


Unfit for Human Habitation - Buildings

Unreinforced Masonry Buildings

Unsafe Building


Vacant Buildings

Vacant Buildings Code Update

Vacant Building Standards

Variances - Noise

Vault - Codes & Rules


Vegetation & Weed Code

Vegetation Overgrowth

Vegetation Removal

Vehicle & Junk Car Rules

Vehicles & Cars - Abandon

Verification Letters - Zoning

View Estimated Wait Times for Service

Visit Us


Water Use

Waver - Small Project

Website Feedback Form

Weed & Vegetation Code

Weed Overgrowth

What Should I Do if I’m Cited?

What's Happening in Your Neighborhood?

Who We Are

Why Can the City Regulate How I Use My Property

Wind Map




Zoning - Find Your

Zoning Charts

Zoning Map Books

Zoning Verification Letters