Emergency Repair Permit

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What Is It?

If your house has structural damage caused by an emergency situation, you are eligible to apply for an emergency repair permit. We issue these permits to cover only the structural damage caused by the emergency. More extensive repairs require further review.

How Much Does It Cost?

Our fees are based on your estimated value of work, labor, and materials. Use our fee estimator to calculate your permit fees.

How Long Does It Take?

We will expedite your application for an emergency repair permit. Please come to the Applicant’s Service Center to discuss your project. You will need a letter from a structural or geotechnical engineer stating that your project is an emergency.

Steps to Get Your Permit


1. Research

Get your property information. Find property information to help you plan your project.

Attend a coaching session. We offer 20 minutes of free coaching to answer drainage, land use, geotechnical or construction permit questions. If you need a longer coaching session, we offer one-hour sessions for $250.

2. Start Permit Application

Get a project number. Get a project number by starting your application online or by submitting a preliminary application. You will need to include either a location plan (for interior work) or a site plan (for exterior work). You can use the number to track your project.

Prepare your plans. Plans should be to scale and easy to read and scan. They should include a coversheet, site plan, floor plan and construction details for the work.

Fill out forms.

Coordinate with other agencies. You may also need a business license if you are working in Seattle, even if your office is outside the city.

3. Submit Plans

Get your project screened by our permit techs. We will screen your application materials for completeness and ensure your address is established in our computer system. One of our geotechnical or structural engineers will review your proposal. You need to bring:

  • Two sets of your plans, each including a site plan and all construction details
  • Two copies of a geotechnical engineer's report for landslide damage
  • Two copies of a structural engineer's report for earthquake damage
  • Structural calculations (if needed) signed and stamped by a licensed structural engineer
  • Address, legal description, and King County tax assessor's parcel number

Submit Your Plans. If we determine the project is an emergency, we will accept your plans over the counter. 

Pay fees. Approximately 75% of your permit fees are due at intake. The fees are calculated based on your project value.

Make corrections and resubmit your plans. Your project reviewer will send you a corrections letter if changes are needed.

4. Get Permit

Pick up or print permit. You will be contacted when your plans are approved. You can pick up your permit and approved plans at the permit issuance counter in the Applicant Service Center.

Pay fees. You will need to pay all outstanding fees to pick up your permit.

Display your permit. Place your permit in a visible location on the project site.

Get related permits. You may need to get additional permits or approvals from other departments.

5. Schedule Inspection

Know when to call. We need to inspect your project:

  • At the time of first ground disturbance
  • Before you pour the foundation
  • Before you cover the framing
  • After you install insulation
  • After you complete your construction
  • For plumbing work
  • For electrical work
  • For side sewer work
  • When you are working with water service lines

Contact us. Call our 24-hour inspection request line at (206) 684-8900 before 7:00 a.m. on the day you need the inspection. You can also request an inspection online.

6. Complete Project

Close your permit. Your permit information will be archived in our electronic document management system.

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