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As of May 1, we will no longer accept paper plans. All applications need to be submitted electronically.
Read our article for more information.

Sprinkler & Shop Drawings

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What Is It?

You submit sprinkler and shop drawings as supplements to your original construction permit plans. Examples of shop drawings include:

  • Curtain wall systems
  • Precast concrete piles
  • Precast prestressed elements (e.g., planks)
  • Special designs (e.g., large skylights, canopies, base isolators)
  • Spray-applied fire proofing
  • Sprinkler shop drawing

We will inform you of the required drawings for your project when we issue the original construction permit.

How Much Does It Cost?

When you submit your drawings, you need to pay the minimum intake fee of 0.75 times the Seattle DCI hourly fee for sprinkler shop drawings, and 1.75 times the hourly fee for all other types of shop drawings. You pay any additional hourly fees when you pick up your permit.

How Long Does It Take?

We try to finish the initial review of shop drawings within two weeks.

Steps to Submit Your Drawings

Submit sprinkler and shop drawings after your permit is issued, but before it has expired or been finaled.

  1. Complete the post permit application and checklist forms.
  1. Ensure you have three sets of plans, minimum size 18” x 18” (truss drawings minimum size is 11” X 17”), and one set of structural calculations stamped by the engineer of record.
  2. Submit your forms, plans, and calculations to the Applicant Services Center in person. No appointment is necessary.

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