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Living Building Pilot

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What Is It?

The Living Building Pilot allows you to request additional departures from the Seattle Land Use Code through Design Review for buildings attempting to meet the Living Building Challenge. The Living Building Challenge is a green building certification program that defines the most advanced measure of sustainability for buildings and landscapes possible today. The Living Building Challenge acts to close the gap between current limits and ideal solutions.

To be eligible for this program, your project must:

Our pilot program will expire on June 30, 2017 or when 12 projects enroll in the Living Building Pilot.

We are in the process of updating the Living Building Pilot Program. For more information about the update process, visit the Living Building Pilot Update page.


Living Building Pilot

  1. Achieve Living Building Challenge full certification, or
  2. Achieve Petal Recognition, including:
    • Achieve at least three of the seven petals (site, water, energy, health, materials, equity, and beauty), including at least one of the following petals: energy, water, or materials and all of the following:
      • Reduce total energy usage by 25 percent, or more of the energy consumed by a standard reference design building as compared to the Seattle Energy Code in effect when you submit your building permit
      • Reduce total building water usage by 75 percent, not including harvested rainwater, as compared to baselines estimated by Seattle Public Utilities or other baseline approved by the Seattle DCI director
      • Capture and use at least 50 percent of stormwater on site

How Much Does It Cost?

We don't charge additional permit fees to participate in the pilot. Our regular permit fees apply.

How Long Does it Take?

The timeline is the same as for any design review project, but you might be eligible to participate in the Priority Green Facilitated Pilot to shorten review time.

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Proposed Changes

Steps to Follow

See the master use permit page for step-by-step directions for your application. During the permit process, the Design Review Board will review your requested code departures and recommend which should be granted.

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