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Green Building Permit Incentives

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We put your project ahead of others to help you meet the highest sustainability goals.

  • Priority Green Expedited: Available for all new construction projects. Gives you faster building permit review and processing for projects that meet green building standards. 
  • Priority Green Facilitated: A streamlined permitting process for master use permits in exchange for meeting green building standards.
  • Innovation Advisory Committee: This group of experts will review energy-efficient proposals not covered in the technical codes.
  • Living Building Pilot: Allows you to request departures from the Seattle Land Use Code through Design Review and offers height and floor area incentives for projects attempting to meet the Living Building Challenge.
  • Residential Deconstruction: If you are removing housing, a residential deconstruction permit may allow you to begin the process before a new building permit for the site is issued. (Deconstruction is taking apart a building in order to save the maximum amount of reusable building materials.)

More Tools for Sustainable Development

City, state, and federal sources provide financial assistance for sustainable development projects being built in Seattle. Detailed information can be found at the following links:

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