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Vacant Buildings Code Updates

Examples of vacant buildings that could threaten public health or safety.
Finding ways to reduce the health and safety risks of vacant buildings.

What's Happening Now?

City Council passed the Vacant Buildings legislation (Council Bill 118971) on September 5, 2017.

Vacant buildings, and the problems associated with them, have become increasingly common in neighborhoods throughout the city in the last few years. These buildings can be difficult to adequately maintain, and are often entered or inhabited without the owner’s permission. This can lead to greater fire risks, illegal drug use and other criminal activities, and other health and safety hazards for occupants, neighbors, and emergency services providers.

The ordinance changes the Land Use Code and the Housing and Building Maintenance Code in order to respond to an increase in the problems associated with vacant buildings in the city. 

For more information about our vacant building regulations, see our Vacant Buildings Standards page and our Vacant Buildings summary page.

Project Goals

The ordinance:

  1. Helps ensure that vacant buildings are adequately secured and maintained
  2. Reduces the public health and safety risks associated with hazardous vacant buildings
  3. Gives property owners more flexibility to demolish vacant buildings

The End Result

The City Council adopted the vacant buildings legislation in September 2017. The legislation took effect on Monday, October 9, 2017.

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