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Private Property Tree Rules Update

We are reviewing rules for trees on private property.
A review of rules that protect existing trees on private property.

What’s Happening Now?

This project is currently on hold.

We are updating the rules for removing trees on private property outside of environmentally critical areas, such as steep slopes, wildlife habitat, and wetlands. Our update, the first since 2001, is part of a city-wide effort to reevaluate existing goals, policies, and regulations to implement the Urban Forest Stewardship Plan, which was recently updated.

We have released two draft proposals and received feedback through our public engagement. After our public engagement on the second proposal, City Council requested that we put the project on hold.

Project Benefits

  • A thriving and diverse urban forest
  • A more livable and sustainable community
  • Regulations that are more understandable and enforceable

The End Result

Our update is intended to advance the goals of the City’s Urban Forest Management Plan to maintain and enhance a thriving and diverse urban forest. The City’s plan attempts to balance:

  • The environmental, economic, and social benefits of trees to the city
  • Other city-wide policies for housing, sustainability, and growth management
  • Property owner needs for solar access, accessory structures, and property access

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