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Neighborhood Parking

Parking in New Holly
Better use of existing parking resources, and improving mobility and equitable housing choices.

What's Happening Now?

On November 15, Mayor Burgess sent his recommended proposal for Neighborhood Parking to City Council. See the Project Documents page for his recommendations. The schedule for a Council review is still to be determined. Council will likely discuss the recommendations in early 2018.

On September 14, SDCI released draft legislation to improve parking availability in neighborhoods. Our legislation allows building owners to make parking available for public use when the facilities have excess capacity. The draft legislation also clarifies regulations that allow applicants flexibility in deciding how much parking to include in development projects in areas with frequent transit. Such areas include Urban Centers, light rail station areas, and Urban Villages.

We also released an environmental (SEPA) analysis of the draft legislation. A public comment and SEPA appeal period runs until October 5. Please submit comments to Gordon Clowers, SDCI Senior Planner, at gordon.clowers @seattle.gov.

Information about the SEPA analysis and appeals is available from the Notice of Decision on the Project Documents page of this website.

The highlights of our draft legislation include:

  1. New opportunities for the public to share off-street parking:
    • Define a new “flexible-use parking” category that allows shared use of off-street parking.
    • Allow park-and-ride facilities in garages in certain zones.
    • Allow more off-site parking within 1/4 mile of buildings.
  2. Flexibility for parking rules, to help reduce the costs of building housing:
    • Update existing rules that allow no parking or reduced parking for new development within 1/4 mile of frequent transit service. The new rules include a more flexible definition of what counts as frequent transit service, and is consistent with how King County Metro schedules service. (This proposal implements a recommendation from the Mayor’s Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda.)
    • Reduce minimum parking for income-restricted housing, including for the disabled and other institutional uses.
    • Update special parking rules for the Northgate Urban Center to be consistent with citywide approach.
  3. Other recommendations include:
    • Update bicycle parking requirements and making them consistent across the entire city.
    • Apply minimum parking stall sizes to all parking spaces in new development.
    • Allow parking of up to 3 car share vehicles in the in front of buildings on private property.
    • Require that parking leases are separate from leases for housing units or commercial spaces.
    • Reduce exceptions in Downtown that allow for parking that exceeds maximum limits.
    • Require a pedestrian access door to public parking garages.
    • Update environmental policies about parking, to be consistent with parking provisions in the Land Use Code.

Project Benefits

Our recommendations will:

The End Result

SDCI expects to make final recommendations to the Mayor by the end of 2017.

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