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Seattle Green Factor

Seattle Green Factor sidewalk
Seattle Green Factor is a scoring system for landscapes, required in certain parts of Seattle to help increase the quantity and improve the quality of urban landscaping.

What Is the Seattle Green Factor?

Seattle Green Factor is a score-based code requirement that increases the amount and improves the quality of landscaping in new development. Landscaping plays an important role in how new development looks and functions. Well-designed landscaping:

  • Improves the look and feel of a neighborhood
  • Reduces stormwater runoff
  • Cools cities during heat waves
  • Provides habitat for birds and beneficial insects
  • Supports adjacent businesses
  • Decreases crime

If your project is required to meet the Seattle Green Factor, you must reach a minimum score established by zoning. You can chose from a “menu” of landscape credits for various features, including green roofs, rain gardens, vegetated walls, and trees and shrubs. You can receive bonus credits if you plant along the sidewalk, use native plants, or create a food garden.

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