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2015 Building Code Update

You will be required to use our 2012 updated codes in October or November of 2013.
We are preparing the Seattle version of the 2015 Building Code.

What’s Happening Now?

Our Seattle Building Code (SBC) provides minimum requirements for design and construction of new buildings and alterations to existing buildings. Our SBC consists of the International Building Code with Seattle amendments. Every three years, Seattle reviews, for adoption, the latest International Building Code rules along with local amendments that address building code issues unique to Seattle.

Our draft 2015 Seattle Building Code is available for public review and comment. The State of Washington is also reviewing the International Building Codes for statewide adoption.

This March, the Construction Codes Advisory Board (CCAB) began reviewing the draft 2015 Seattle Building Code. CCAB will meet on the first and third Thursdays of every month until the code review is complete. Our public review process for our draft code ends in spring 2016. You are invited to attend and participate in our CCAB meetings.

Project Benefits

The International Building Code is revised and updated, every three years, to accommodate new materials, technologies, products, and our changing knowledge about building safety. By adopting the new International Building Code and Seattle amendments, we help ensure that Seattle’s built environment will reflect the latest in design, technologies, and safety standards.

The End Result

We expect the 2015 Seattle Building Code to take effect in July 2017.

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