Decennial Census

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A Century of Change: 1900-2000

1990 Decennial Census

General Demographic Data

The 1990 decennial census was composed of the 100% count “short-form” sent to all households and the sample “long-form” sent to a sample of households. Summary File 1 (SF1) is the 100% data that corresponds to a limited number of questions asked of every person and housing unit in the United States. These included sex, age, household relationship, race and Hispanic origin, and ownership versus rental status.

Detailed Demographic Data

Sample characteristics Summary File 3 (SF3) data provides additional information on a sample of persons and housing units. These included social and economic characteristics of the population, and physical and financial characteristics of housing units. Approximately one in six households nationwide received the long-form.

Neighborhood Areas
These reports and tables were developed by the City of Seattle.

More Information

For additional historic census data on Seattle or other parts of the country, visit the U.S. Census Bureau decennial census publications.

For a more detailed discussion of the differences in the way questions were asked in the 1990 and 2000 censuses, as well as geographic changes that may affect comparability between decennial censuses, please see Data Issues.

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