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American Community Survey

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5-Year Data Series

ACS data can provide a unique picture of local communities by providing information on indicators such as:

  • Household income levels
  • Age and education level of a population
  • Race and ethnic makeup of a community
  • How a population has changed over time

5-Year Estimates

The 5-year estimates for the City of Seattle provide the most reliable information available. These estimates are also the basis for the City’s individual neighborhood reports.

  • Data collected over a 60-month period
  • Available for:
  • Largest sample, most reliable, least current of all estimate periods
  • Best used when:
    • Accuracy is more important than having recent estimates
    • Analyzing very small populations

What Does Seattle Look Like?

Narrative Profiles are not provided for the 5-Year Data Series.

2009 – 2013 Data Profile

This data series is published by the U.S. Census Bureau in four individual subject profiles (includes reports for the City of Seattle and all five PUMA’s in one PDF for each profile).

Census PUMA Small Reference Map

These profiles have been combined into one tabbed Excel file for each individual geography.

Years                     Geography
2009-13 | Seattle | PUMAs: Northwest | Northeast | Downtown | Southeast | West
2008-12 | Seattle | PUMAs: Northwest | Northeast | Downtown | Southeast | West
2007-11 | Seattle | PUMAs: Northwest | Northeast | Downtown | Southeast | West 
2006-10 | Seattle | PUMAs: Northwest | Northeast | Downtown | Southeast | West
2005-09 | Seattle | PUMAs: Northwest | Northeast | Downtown | Southeast | West

Caution: Please see the ACS data issues page for an understanding of the changes in population control totals for the 2010 series.

To access the full range of available ACS data products, visit the Census Bureau’s American FactFinder online data portal

What is a PUMA?
There are five PUMAs (public use microdata areas) in Seattle. A PUMA is a decennial census area for which the U.S. Census Bureau provides specially selected extracts of raw data from a small sample (5-percent) of population and housing unit records. The data is from the American Community Survey and is screened to protect confidentiality. These extracts are referred to as ‘‘public use microdata sample’’ files. They allow you to create your own statistical tabulations and data summaries. PUMAs are delineated uniquely within each state and comprise areas that contain at least 100,000 people.

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