Seattle Design Commission Michael Jenkins, Director

Broad Street Vacation

Review Status

On July 21, 2016, we reviewed the public benefit proposal for the petition to permanently close (vacate) a portion of the Broad Street right-of-way. At this meeting we voted to approve the public benefit package with several conditions.

Project Description

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) proposes to vacate the portion of the Broad Street right-of-way in the block bounded by 9th Ave N, Roy St, Dexter Ave N, and Mercer St in South Lake Union. While vacation petitions typically include a development proposal, SDOT is not proposing a project on this site. Instead, SDOT seeks to consolidate City-owned property on the block in order to sell the property to fund the Mercer West project.

This segment of Broad St was previously open to vehicle traffic. As part of the State Route 99 tunnel construction, this and several other blocks of Broad St were closed. In this vacation petition, 61,811 square feet of the Broad St right-of-way between 9th Ave N and Dexter Ave N would be vacated.

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