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Uptown: Framework for the Future

Uptown Neighborhood Outline
We are developing a collaborative vision of Uptown that will guide growth and development towards a walkable, livable, healthy, and vibrant neighborhood.

What's Happening Now?

We are working in partnership with the Uptown Community to develop an Uptown Urban Design Framework. Our Urban Design Framework will guide public and private investment in Uptown in a way that advances a collective vision for the community.

The Uptown Urban Center is defined by five distinct subareas: the Denny / Broad / Aurora triangle; the Queen Anne Avenue commercial area; the Mercer/Roy Corridor; the residential area to the west of Queen Anne Avenue; and Seattle Center with its connections to each of these areas. New infrastructure investments (The State Highway 99 tunnel exit, two way traffic on Mercer, known as Mercer West, and the Seattle Center Master Plan effort) offer opportunities to change the neighborhood by providing new connections to the rest of the City. These new connections could potentially bring new commercial and residential development, and advance the neighborhood's goals to create a vibrant urban neighborhood that is more walkable with healthy business and residential communities.

Project Benefits


  • Foster leadership and collaboration between the community, City staff, and other local organizations
  • Engage a broad constituency in the neighborhood, including traditionally underrepresented populations
  • Assess opportunities for improving connectivity around Uptown
  • Recommend opportunities for community improvements around ongoing planning and capital investment efforts in the area
  • Physical and cultural integration of Seattle Center with the surrounding neighborhood
  • Strategic organizing around business district health and development

As Uptown grows, we want to encourage:

  • Diversity in household type and affordability
  • Investment in the neighborhood
  • Support for local business year-round
  • Employment to bring people to the neighborhood during the day
  • Living and working without a car
  • A vibrant and safe public environment

The End Result

We will develop a collaborative vision of Uptown that describes how the physical development of the area can positively affect quality of life, recognizing the role that place-making and urban design play in creating a walkable, livable, healthy, and vibrant neighborhood.

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