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23rd Avenue Action Plan

A project for the City and community to work together to create a 23rd Avenue Action Plan for E. Union, E. Cherry and S. Jackson.

What's Happening Now?

On September 27 we held our first Central Area Block Party, and it was a huge success. Check out the photos here. It was great to see passionate residents and visitors enjoy the event and provide us with lots of comments on our urban design and rezoning recommendations. We have compiled all of these comments into one document and are working on updating the recommendations to reflect our shared vision.

We are continuing the 23rd Avenue Action Plan implementation phase with strong support from the 23rd Ave ACT, neighborhood action teams, and other community members. Highlights of this phase include the following:

Project Benefits

The purpose of this project is to establish a city-community collaboration that creates a shared vision and action plan to improve the health and equity of three Central Area community cores: 23rd Avenue and E. Union Street, 23rd Avenue and E. Cherry Street and 23rd Avenue and S. Jackson Street.

Our project will focus on these community cores to:

  • Strengthen the community’s resilience so that its rich cultural heritage and diversity flourishes
  • Build community, businesses, and organization’s capacity to take actions to achieve the shared vision
  • Create livable, healthy and supportive places that provide equitable access to resources and opportunities for everyone
  • Leverage public and private investments to create tangible, positive change that meets the needs of existing and new communities

The End Result

  • An action plan of key priorities shared by the community and the city as a result of the planning process
  • Strong partnerships among the community, private and public entities to move forward projects in the action plan

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