23rd Avenue Action Plan

Little Drummers Block Party 2015
A project for the City and community to work together to create a 23rd Avenue Action Plan for E. Union, E. Cherry and S. Jackson.

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We partnered with community stakeholders (residents, neighborhood associations, community organizations, business and property owners) to identify assets, issues, resources and opportunities in the three 23rd Avenue community cores.

Together with Public Outreach and Engagement Liaisons (POELs) and the Action Community Team we will continue to ensure an inclusive process where the community can identify specific strategies and projects that will support implementation of the Action Plan over the next several years.

Block Party

This year, the 23rd Ave ACT will be partnering with Central Area Community Festival to host the third annual Central Area Block Party on August 20 at the Garfield Community Center and its surrounding area. In addition to all the fun things and great resources, we will be sharing the updated rezone recommendations and other plans and projects that the City and the community have been working on in the Central Area.

On September 27, 2014, the 23rd Ave ACT (Action Community Team) sponsored the first Central Area Block Party, and it was a huge success with almost 2,000 participants, great music and performance, local businesses, artists, food vendors, and great resources from City departments. It was great to see passionate residents and visitors enjoy the event and provide us with lots of comments on our urban design and rezoning recommendations. Community members strongly desire this to be an annual event. On September 12, 2015, the 23rd Ave ACT held the 2nd Central Area Block Party. Check out our photos from 2014 and 2015.

Community Workshop/Open House

We have hosted a series of community meetings since early 2013 to seek community feedback and approval of the Action Plan, Urban Design Framework, and rezoning proposals. We post meeting details here when available. You can also sign up for email updates to be notified of any project news.

Community Resource Fairs

These three Central Area community cores have active groups, individuals, and organizations already working to preserve and enhance the health, culture, and vitality of the neighborhood. Community resource fairs will be opportunities for them to showcase their work and services, and for you to connect with them.

Action Teams

Action Teams are hands-on work groups that will collaborate with the Action Community Team (ACT) and the City. Together, they will leverage resources and political will to take on projects that create lasting change. Like the ACT, Action Teams should be inclusive and represent the voices and balanced interests of the full Central Area community. Your priorities will set the Action Teams' work. Sign up for an action team by using our online form or contact Quanlin Hu.

The 23rd Avenue ACT (Action Community Team)

The 23rd Avenue ACT collaborates directly with us and the community to ensure that the vision and implementation actions reflect the voices and balanced interests of the community. In addition, the ACT works with the community to carry the 23rd Avenue Action Plan beyond this project — maintaining the shared vision, unity, and commitment needed to make the changes possible. Connect with the 23rd Avenue ACT by contacting Quanlin Hu.

  • 23rd Avenue ACT Members:

    Adam Edwards
    Adrienne Bailey
    Alan Savitt
    Ann Suter
    Dan Sanchez
    Harlan Chinn
    Hugh Bangassar

    Ian Eisenberg
    Evelyn Allen
    Karen Estevenin
    Lois Martin
    Margo Jones
    Robert Stephens
    Shalimar Gonzales

  • ACT Meeting Schedules: The 23rd Avenue ACT meets the 4th Monday of every month at 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the Garfield Community Center (2323E Cherry St.).

Our Commitment to Outreach & Engagement

As part of the City's commitment to Inclusive Outreach and Engagement, we will use a number of approaches to make it easy for stakeholders to participate. This includes efforts to specifically reach historically underrepresented community members whose opinions may otherwise go unrecognized. In partnership with the community, the ACT, and POELs, we will work to include voices of our youth, seniors, the African / Black American community, immigrants and refugees, people living with disabilities, working families, and the Hispanic community.

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