Rainier Beach

Kubota Gardens in Rainier Beach.
The Rainier Beach neighborhood is home to people from around the world, with over 60 languages spoken.


In 2010, the Mayor and City Council decided it was time to update the 1999 Rainier Beach Neighborhood Plan. Their decision was based on the changes in Rainier Beach since 1999. Rainier Beach has a new light rail station, library, and school. But some community members think that in other ways the area hasn’t changed enough.

For the 2012 Rainier Beach Neighborhood Plan Update, the City and community reviewed the strengths of the original plan. We used that assessment to confirm goals that are still relevant and added new goals where they were needed. That work set the stage for us to create a shared work plan to accomplish the community’s vision for Rainier Beach.

Throughout the neighborhood plan update, a diverse range of people were engaged in community-wide events. We held over a dozen meetings to get input and feedback from the area’s historically underrepresented community members, including immigrants, refugees, youth, seniors, communities of color, and people living with disabilities.


  • Neighborhood Plan update and Action Plan completed in 2012
  • Rainier Beach Moving Forward was awarded a $5,000 Seattle Foundation Neighbor to Neighbor grant
  • Rainier Beach Urban Farm was awarded a $5,000 Seattle Foundation Neighbor to Neighbor grant
  • Rainier Beach was awarded a $978,000 Byrne Criminal Justice Innovation Grant to design and implement crime reductions based on the Neighborhood Plan recommendations
  • Seattle Healthy Living Assessment Tool was awarded the American Planning Association 2013 National Planning Achievement Award for a Best Practice
  • HUD Community Challenge Planning Grant awarded for a shared multi-cultural community center to serve Rainier Valley neighborhoods
  • Rainier Beach Action Coalition awarded a $75,000 "Fresh, Equitable and Local" grant by the Kresge Foundation
  • Rainier Beach: a Safe Beautiful Place for Youth (ABSPY) core team awarded a $3.8 million grant from the National Institute of Justice to advance restorative justice in schools
  • Rainier Beach Action Coalition is part of a Rainier Valley Coalition, along with On Board Othello, the Multi-Cultural Center, South Communities Organizing for Racial Regional Equity, and the Regional Equity Network, awarded a Communities of Opportunity grant of $150,000 each year for 3-5 years

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