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Pedestrian Retail Areas

Pedestrian Retail Area
Mapping commercial destinations in your community.

Previous Work on Pedestrian Zones:

  • 2006-2007
    City Council adopted changes to commercial regulations in the Land Use Code in 2006 (effective in 2007) to stimulate and enliven neighborhood business districts by focusing retail and commercial activities into the core of the urban villages. These changes included adding or expanding pedestrian zone designations in 5 neighborhoods. Council asked us to evaluate additional areas. During this process, we identified and inventoried neighborhood business districts (also known as pedestrian retail areas) within existing Neighborhood Commercial zones.
  • 2007-2009
    Building off of that work, in 2007 we began a pedestrian zone mapping project (the Neighborhood Main Street Mapping Project - continuing the Neighborhood Business District Strategy). We prepared draft recommendations for the Northwest and Central / East districts. We presented our recommendations to the community for review and comment in July 2007. Before that work was completed our project was put on hold. Council did not adopt any recommendations.
  • 2012
    The City Council amended the Land Use Code in 2012. The amendments provide greater development flexibility and encourage residential construction in existing buildings within commercial and neighborhood commercial zones where there may be limited demand for additional commercial uses. When they adopted these changes, City Council identified 60 areas where ground floor commercial uses are still required until a pedestrian zone study is completed. These 60 areas are the focus of the work underway today.

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