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DPD's City Planning division is now the Office of Planning & Community Development. Seattle DPD is now the Seattle Department of Construction & Inspections.

Lake City Urban Design

Lake City's Public Outreach and Engagement Liaisons pose together at a Community Conversations meeting.
Community members working with the City together to create a clear vision that will guide future investments and development in Lake City.

What’s Happening Now?

Lake City is a neighborhood that is diverse and energetic, at the same time facing its own challenges. We've heard community members talk about walkability, public safety, access to recreation, and neighborhood character as important priorities. Bisected by a state highway, the neighborhood has struggled to support local, walkable businesses and services, and to create a community sense of place. Residents have said that they hope to see growth and investment, but also worry about displacing current residents and businesses.

Our work will implement a vision that includes better public spaces, stronger local businesses, services and infrastructure to meet everyone's needs. The current investments in Lake City are based around the Four Key Outcomes listed below.

Strengthen Community Partnerships

  • New integrated approach to community development
  • Coordinated community outreach
  • Only in Seattle grant for Lake City Future First (LCFF)
  • LCFF business district support
  • LCFF design and planning committee
  • Green Seattle Partnership

Build a Healthy Community

  • 33rd Ave NE park design
  • Virgil Flaim skatepark
  • Thornton Creek restoration
  • Little Brook Park public restroom open all year
  • Improve connections to Meadowbrook Community Center
  • New recreation programming
  • Access to healthy food
  • Fred Meyer Community Garden
  • Natural Drainage Systems
  • NE 130th Street beach access

Enhance Community Safety

  • Intersection improvements around the Lake City Civic Core
  • Sidewalk installation
  • LCW Traffic Safety Corridor project
  • Public safety

Building for the Future

  • Workforce Housing for Families
  • Lake City preschool
  • Human services
  • New development standards
  • 28th Ave NE festival street plan

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