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Lake City Urban Design

Lake City
Community members working with the City together to create a clear vision that will guide future investments and development in Lake City.

What’s Happening Now?

We are working with a stakeholder advisory group to develop the Lake City Urban Design Framework (UDF). Our UDF will focus on the hub urban village (the area around the Lake City Way and 125th Avenue NE intersection that will get the most population and job growth) and key areas to the north and south along Lake City Way. It will describe the future design, location, and features of public spaces, streets, and buildings.

The UDF will build on previous planning efforts including the Lake City Way Visioning Project. It will also involve coordination with various City agencies and community groups – including Lake City Future First and the Seattle Department of Transportation's study of how Lake City Way effectively supports all transportation modes, including pedestrians, bicyclists, transit, freight, and cars.

Project Goals

  • Encourage a diversity of businesses and employers
  • Grow at a human-scale that reinforces Lake City’s unique sense of place and character
  • Encourage development that enhances the public realm, increases open space, and enhances natural features
  • Improve sidewalks and pedestrian connections within the Civic Core, and to public schools and parks
  • Build on existing transit service and identify opportunities for new facilities that make it easier for people to ride transit and bicycles
  • Provide housing for our diverse population
  • Improve access to services and activities that nurture healthy, vital communities
  • Capitalize on the Thornton Creek watershed

The End Result

  • The Lake City Urban Design project will provide a clear, cohesive vision that builds on previous community work that will guide development and public investment within the hub urban village and along Lake City Way
  • Stronger partnerships among Lake City’s diverse stakeholders including between public / private partners in order to plan for change now and to work together for a better Lake City in the future
  • Policy changes including Comprehensive Plan updates, zoning changes, and new design concepts for several key streets

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