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Duwamish Industrial Lands Study

We are partnering with the community and stakeholders to look at how the city can protect and support industry and port operations.

What’s Happening Now?

We are considering specific land use policies for designated Manufacturing and Industrial Centers (M/IC) that will preserve these areas for ongoing industrial use. The proposed policies would also limit the potential for converting property to non-industrial uses unless specific criteria are met.

We hosted a series of meetings in March about proposed industrial lands policies that are part of Seattle 2035 – the City’s major comprehensive plan update. Meetings were held in Ballard, Interbay, and Georgetown. The purpose of these outreach meetings was to receive community input on our proposed policies. We will share your input with the City Council when they consider our policies as part of the major comprehensive plan update in early 2016. If you missed these meetings, you can view the display boards and power point presentations on the background page.

Our proposed M/IC land use policy amendments are part of the study of the Greater Duwamish Manufacturing and Industrial Center that was released in December 2013. In addition to land use policy recommendations, the study analyzed existing conditions and past studies related to industrial lands. While preparing this study we met several times with a stakeholder advisory group of industrial businesses and landowners to share our findings and early recommendations. The recommendations in the study were prepared by our staff and do not necessarily reflect the views of the stakeholders we have been meeting with.

Other related industrial land use studies include the Stadium District Study, Ballard to Interbay Land Use Corridor Study and the Local Production Study.

Project Benefits

The recommendations in the Duwamish M/IC Policy and Land Use Study will:

  • Strengthen the long-term viability of the M/IC
  • Protect industry and port operations
  • Reinforce the M/IC as a place designated for industry
  • Inform the Seattle Industrial Areas Freight Access Project being conducted by the Seattle Department of Transportation

The End Result

If implemented, the proposed land use policies would apply to all designated M/IC lands and would mean:

  • Land could not be removed from a designated Manufacturing / Industrial Center unless:
    • The proposed use for the land is identified
    • There is insufficient appropriately zoned land elsewhere in the city for the proposed use
    • The proposed use would not displace an existing industrial use
    • The proposed use would not adversely affect nearby industrial operations
  • No new Industrial Commercial (IC) zoning would be allowed in a designated M/IC

The City Council will consider specific recommendations for industrial lands policies in 2016 as part of the major Comprehensive Plan update.

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