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Seattle Green Factor

Seattle Green Factor sidewalk
Seattle Green Factor is a scoring system for landscapes, required in certain parts of Seattle to help increase the quantity and improve the quality of urban landscaping.

Case Studies

Each of the links below show how a particular project met its Seattle Green Factor requirement. The case studies include landscape plans, Green Factor scoresheets, and photos of the finished projects.

Amazon Phase IV - Corporate Campus


Chloe Apartments - Seven-Story Mixed-Use Building


Joule Apartments - Six-Story Mixed-Use Building


Link Apartments - Six-Story Mixed-Use Building


Pinehurst Safeway - Grocery Store


First United Methodist Church - Religious Facility

Where Is It Required?

Green Factor applies in the following zones:

  • Commercial and Neighborhood Commercial (NC1, NC2, NC3, C1, C2)
    Minimum score 0.30 (Seattle Municipal Code (SMC) (SMC 23.47A.016)
  • Industrial Commercial (IC) within urban village or urban center boundaries
    Minimum score 0.30 (SMC 23.50.038)
  • Development in South Downtown (variety of zones within the South Downtown planning area)
    Minimum score of 0.30 for development with 20,000 gross square feet or more (SMC 23.49.031)
  • Midrise and Highrise Multifamily Residential (MR, HR)
    Minimum score 0.50 (SMC 23.45.524)
  • Lowrise Multifamily Residential (LR)
    Minimum score 0.60 (SMC 23.45.524)
  • Yesler Terrace (MPC-YT)
    Minimum score of 0.30 per development, 0.50 per sector (SMC 23.75.160)
  • Seattle Mixed (SM)
    Minimim score of 0.30 (SMC 23.48.024)


DPD sponsored a series of workshops to help applicants understand and apply the principles of the Seattle Green Factor. View the slideshows from these presentations:


Research and technical studies to provide further background information.


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