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First Hill Parks & Public Space

First Hill Parks & Public Space Rendering
Connecting parks and public space in First Hill to make it a more walkable neighborhood.

What’s Happening Now?

DPD, Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT), and Seattle Parks and Recreation are working with the First Hill community to improve the area’s parks, green space, and pedestrian connections. The goal of our effort is to provide a vision for how streets and public spaces can be improved in the area to provide First Hill with much-needed open space for its growing population.

Our effort will include strategies to expand the public space network for pedestrians, a system of sidewalks, green streets, parks, and rest areas that encourage walking. Our effort will also help provide spaces for a variety of recreation options in the First Hill Neighborhood, like places to jog, play basketball, read, or just enjoy the view.

Our effort will also identify key streets to be developed into Street Concept Plans. Street Concept Plans are guides for street and sidewalk improvements that can be made over time as new development takes place. The Street Concept Plans will be adopted into the City’s Right of Way Improvement Manual.

Project Benefits

Our effort will help guide future public and private investments in the streets on First Hill to produce a greener, more walkable neighborhood for the people who live and work there.

The End Result

Public realm planning is an important first step to provide a comprehensive vision for street and public space improvements for First Hill. Based on that, DPD and SDOT will create specific the Street Concept Plans in the area and amend the City’s Right of Way Improvement Manual to include design concepts for parks and public space in First Hill. Implementation will depend on public and private investment to make these incremental improvements to create an exceptional public space network, which may also include acquiring land for parks. Additional resources for staff and consultants will be needed following the initial phase of planning.

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