Delridge Action Plan

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Collaborating with the Delridge community to improve household diversity and provide access to healthy food and activities.

What's Happening Now?

Delridge Day 2015

Thank you for attending our Draft Action Plan Workshop on September 29. Seventy of your neighbors reviewed our action plan priorities and helped define how we go from ideas to action.

Our displays and comments are on the Get Involved page.

We are working on the Healthy Delridge Parks Vision with the Food Empowerment Education Sustainability Team and the Public Outreach and Engagement Liaisons to identify how parks facilities can improve the health of the Delridge community. A public review of the updated Draft Action Plan and Healthy Delridge Parks Vision is expected early in 2016.

This past spring we teamed up with University of Washington graduate students, in partnership with the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT), to conduct a voluntary Health Impact Assessment (HIA) for the Delridge Corridor Project. This project is part of SDOT’s Multimodal Corridor Program, focusing on transforming major arterial roads and streets into safer and healthier public spaces.

The goals of this HIA were to help us and SDOT to:

  • Examine potential health impacts of the proposed design concepts
  • Take steps to mitigate potential negative health impacts, and enhance positive health effects of the Delridge Corridor project

Download the Health Impact Assessment for more information.

Thank you to everyone who attended our Delridge Projects Workshop on June 6. Visit the Get Involved page for more information about the event.

It has been 15 years since Delridge completed its neighborhood plan. Together, the community and the City have accomplished many of the neighborhood plan goals. However, some of the plan's priorities are out of date. It's time to work with the Delridge community to establish current priorities and to develop an action plan to achieve those priorities.

The Delridge Action Plan will use the Healthy Living Framework to focus attention on how neighborhood planning can improve our health, connect people and places, and make sure places serve people. The framework proposes that a healthy Delridge includes strong community and organizations, healthy people and families, and a supportive physical environment.

We formed an Advisory Core Team (ACT) made of members who represent cross sections of the community. We are still seeking additional members from East African, Latino, and renter communities to help provide the perspectives that reflect the Delridge community. See the Get Involved page to apply.

The ACT began reviewing background information, the 1999 Neighborhood Plan, and the comments you provided at Delridge Day in August and at Gathering of Neighbors in November. Transcriptions of comments are posted on the Get Involved page. Your feedback helps the ACT establish the priorities that they’ll address.

In December, Sara Zora from Seattle Department of Transportation briefed the ACT on the Delridge Multimodal Corridor Planning Project.

In January, the ACT reviewed the 1999 Neighborhood Plan to identify key recommendations that continue to require attention. The ACT will also discuss ongoing neighborhood projects and begin digging into how they can plan for a healthier community. In February, we discussed creating healthy communities, focusing on food access. In March we discussed Longfellow Creek Basin Natural Drainage Systems project. The ACT has now started to develop preliminary strategies – steps the community and City can take to address the issues and priorities we’ve heard.

Project Benefits

The Delridge Action Plan seeks to support a healthy neighborhood that:

  • Contains diverse households, supported by strong social and cultural institutions and services
  • Provides access to resources necessary to meet personal needs, such as healthy food, retail, and commercial destinations
  • Includes a natural and man-made environment with infrastructure supporting healthy activities such as parks, sidewalks, playgrounds, transit, shopping, and services

The End Result

Our action plan will define community and City strategies that address key priorities developed through the planning process, with the aim of ensuring Delridge's people and places can thrive.

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