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Delridge Action Plan

Youngstown Cultural Arts Center
Collaborating with the Delridge community to improve household diversity and provide access to healthy food and activities.

What's Happening Now?

Thank you for stopping by our booth at Delridge Day. We will transcribe your comments and post them soon. Your input will help us establish the priorities that we’ll address in our North Delridge Action Plan.

Also, we're seeking volunteers who live, work, or spend time in the neighborhood to serve on a project advisory committee for the North Delridge Action Plan.

DPD Booth at Del Ridge Days

For more information about both engagement opportunities, check out our Get Involved Page.

It has been 15 years since Delridge completed its neighborhood plan. Together, the community and the City have accomplished many of the neighborhood plan goals. However, some of the plan's priorities are out of date. It's time to work with the Delridge community to establish current priorities and to develop an action plan to achieve those priorities.

Our collaborative planning effort will address three areas of opportunity. These opportunity areas may expand or change as we engage the community in a conversation about the future of Delridge.

Create Great Community Places

  • Encourage neighborhood-serving development that creates great places at SW Brandon St., SW. Orchard St / Sylvan Way SW, and SW Andover St., and around the Community Center and Youngstown Cultural Arts Center as identified in the neighborhood plan
  • Inform conceptual design for future improvements along Delridge Way SW so that it supports its Delridge’s growth and provides the safe and efficient connections the community needs
  • Assess issues and identify opportunities to address drainage and flooding

Improve Community Health

  • Increase access to healthy food by building on existing community work such as the Food and Fitness Initiative, the Delridge Grocery Cooperative, and the recent report sponsored by the Women’s Commission and Council Member O’Brien
  • Identify ways to build on Delridge’s parks, open space, and natural assets to make walking, biking, and taking transit and easy choice

Build Community Capacity to Identify Priorities & Take Action

  • Engage historically underrepresented communities through the Public Outreach and Engagement Liaisons
  • Include community-based actions as well as City actions

The Delridge Action Plan will use the Healthy Living Framework to focus attention on how neighborhood planning can improve our health, connect people and places, and make sure places serve people. The framework proposes that a healthy Delridge includes strong community and organizations, healthy people and families, and a supportive physical environment.

Our planning process and action plan will engage the full range of community stakeholders, including historically underrepresented communities, using the Department of Neighborhoods' Public Outreach and Engagement Liaison. Our engagement process will include an advisory team that will help create an ongoing and representative committee tasked with implementing the Delridge Action Plan.

Project Benefits

The Delridge Action Plan seeks to support a healthy neighborhood that:

  • Contains diverse households, supported by strong social and cultural institutions and services
  • Provides access to resources necessary to meet personal needs, such as healthy food retail and commercial destinations
  • Includes a natural and man-made environment with infrastructure supporting healthy activities such as parks, sidewalks, playgrounds, transit, shopping, and services

The End Result

Our action plan will define community and City strategies that address key priorities developed through the planning process, with the aim of ensuring Delridge's people and places can thrive.

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